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  • File test/th1-tcl4.txt — part of check-in [53b9445b] at 2011-08-28 23:45:18 on branch tcl-integration — Use macros to tidy up TH1 to Tcl argument marshalling. Use the Tcl interp result when Tcl_ExprObj does not return ok. Check for Tcl interp deletion. The TH1 'puts' command should flush when writing to stdout. Add 'repository' TH1 command. Use obj API to get Tcl cmdInfo. Add tests for Tcl integration. (user: mistachkin size: 258) [more...]

  # This is a "TH1 fragment" used to test the Tcl integration features of TH1.
  # The corresponding test file executes this file using the test-th-render
  # Fossil command.
  proc doOut {msg} {puts $msg; puts \n}
  doOut [tclExpr 2/0]