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Help: /zip

Help: /zip

The "/zip" page:


Generate a ZIP Archive or an SQL Archive for the check-in specified by VERSION. The archive is called or NAME.sqlar and has a top-level directory called NAME.

The optional VERSION element defaults to "trunk" per the r= rules below. All of the following URLs are equivalent:


Query parameters:

The optional CKIN component of the name= parameter identifies the check-in from which the archive is constructed. If CKIN is omitted and there is no r= query parameter, then use "trunk". NAME is the name of the download file. The top-level directory in the generated archive is called by NAME with the file extension removed.

TAG identifies the check-in that is turned into an SQL or ZIP archive. The default value is "trunk". If r= is omitted and if the name= query parameter contains one "/" character then the of part the name= value before the / becomes the TAG and the part of the name= value after the / is the download filename. If no check-in is specified by either name= or r=, then "trunk" is used.

Only include files that match the comma-separate list of GLOB patterns in PATTERN, as with ex=

Omit any file that match PATTERN. PATTERN is a comma-separated list of GLOB patterns, where each pattern can optionally be quoted using ".." or '..'. Any file matching both ex= and in= is excluded.