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Help: configuration

Help: configuration

The "configuration" command:

Usage: fossil configuration METHOD ... ?OPTIONS?

Where METHOD is one of: export import merge pull push reset.

fossil configuration export AREA FILENAME

Write to FILENAME exported configuration information for AREA. AREA can be one of:
all email interwiki project shun skin
ticket user alias subscriber

fossil configuration import FILENAME

Read a configuration from FILENAME, overwriting the current configuration.

fossil configuration merge FILENAME

Read a configuration from FILENAME and merge its values into the current configuration. Existing values take priority over values read from FILENAME.

fossil configuration pull AREA ?URL?

Pull and install the configuration from a different server identified by URL. If no URL is specified, then the default server is used. Use the --overwrite flag to completely replace local settings with content received from URL.

fossil configuration push AREA ?URL?

Push the local configuration into the remote server identified by URL. Admin privilege is required on the remote server for this to work. When the same record exists both locally and on the remote end, the one that was most recently changed wins.

fossil configuration reset AREA

Restore the configuration to the default. AREA as above.

fossil configuration sync AREA ?URL?

Synchronize configuration changes in the local repository with the remote repository at URL.


-R|--repository REPO
Affect repository REPO with changes

See also: settings, unset