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Help: test-httpmsg

Help: test-httpmsg

The "test-httpmsg" command:

Usage: fossil test-httpmsg ?OPTIONS? URL ?PAYLOAD? ?OUTPUT?

Send an HTTP message to URL and get the reply. PAYLOAD is a file containing the payload, or "-" to read payload from standard input. a POST message is sent if PAYLOAD is specified and is non-empty. If PAYLOAD is omitted or is an empty file, then a GET message is sent.

If a second filename (OUTPUT) is given after PAYLOAD, then the reply is written into that second file instead of being written on standard output. Use the "--out OUTPUT" option to specify an output file for a GET request where there is no PAYLOAD.


Use ZLIB compression on the payload
--mimetype TYPE
Mimetype of the payload
--out FILE
Store the reply in FILE
Verbose output
PAYLOAD in a Fossil xfer protocol message