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Things to work on:

 *  Use the wiki_convert() routine to render comments and other text
    on web pages.

 *  If the server does not have write permission on the database
    file, or on the directory containing the database file (and 
    it is thus unable to update the database because it cannot create
    a rollback journal) then it currently fails silently on a push.
    It needs to return a helpful error.

 *  If the server returns an error (for example if the outbound /xfer
    message exceeds the maximum POST size of the server) the client
    does not report this error back to the user as it should.

 *  Bug: If the server closes the socket unexpectedly, the
    fwrite() in http.c:103 throws a signal and kills the child
    process.  fwrite() is not suppose to do this.  Need to figure
    out what is going wrong.

 *  Bug: pull is ending prematurely.

 *  Bug: Make sure merge and other commands (check-out) do not try
    to use a phantom.

 *  The ipaddr field of the rcvfrom table is not being set.  This
    field should be the IP address from which information is received
    for the local repository.  So when somebody does a push of new
    files we record the ipaddr.  Or when we do a pull, we record
    the ipaddr.

 *  Additional information displayed for the "vinfo" page:

     +  All leaves of this version that are not included in the
        descendant list.  With date, user, comment, and hyperlink.
        Leaves in the descendant table should be marked as such.
        See the compute_leaves() function to see how to find all
     +  Add file diff links to the file change list.

 *  Timeline enhanced so that you can specify a range of dates.

 *  The /xfer handler (for push, pull, and clone) does not do
    delta compression.  This results in excess bandwidth usage.
    There are some pieces in xfer.c that are sketches of ideas on
    how to do delta compression, but nothing has been implemented.

 *  Enhancements to the diff and tkdiff commands in the cli.
    Allow the entire tree or a subtree to be diffed, not just a 
    single file.  Allow diffs against any two arbitrary versions,
    not just diffs against the current check-out.  Allow 
    configuration options to replace tkdiff with some other
    visual differ of the users choice. Example: eskil.

 *  Ticketing interface (expand this bullet)

     +  Create new tickets as files in the file hierarchy
     +  Append remarks to a ticket
     +  Add attachments to a ticket
     +  Change attributes of a ticket
     +  Delete tickets that are no longer current.  (The old
        content is still accessible, the ticket is just not in
        the current check-out.)
     +  Server setup to define the allowed attributes and
        attribute values for tickets
     +  Permanently remove malicious edits and/or attachments
        such as wiki-spam or warez.  (Content is no longer accessible.)
     +  View a history of all changes to a ticket
     +  Generate reports over all tickets
     +  Generate reports over all tickets as they existed for
        a chosen point in time and space.
     +  Do full text search against the text in any single ticket or
        across the current versions of all tickets, or across all current
        and historical versions of all tickets.

 *  Wiki interface (expand this bullet)

     +  Create new wiki pages
     +  Designate a single wiki page as the home page for the www interface
     +  Designate wiki pages as read-only, append-only, or read/write.
     +  Append comments to a wiki page
     +  Add attachments (such as GIF images) to a wiki page
     +  Change the content of a wiki page
     +  Delete obsolete wiki pages.  (Old content is still accessible,
        the page is just not on the current list of pages.)
     +  Permanently remove malicious edits and/or attachments
        such as wiki-spam or warez.  (Old content is no longer accessible.)
     +  Add nofollow on external links added by unprivileged
        users when the link is less than N hours old.
     +  Show the complete history of a single wiki page
     +  Provide the ability to diff two versions of a wiki page
     +  Show a listing of all wiki pages, both current and deleted
     +  Do a full-text search against current versions of all wiki pages
     +  Do a full-text search against all historical versions of a single
        wiki page
     +  Do a full-text search against all historical versions of all
        wiki pages

 *  Full-text search against check-in comments and diffs of each

 *  Add a "revert" command that will undo all changes to a file
    or files in the current check-out - restoring the files back
    to their original check-out state.

 *  Add an "annotate" command in both the cli and the www interface
    that will show line-by-line the most recent changes to every line
    in the file.

 *  Browse the file hierarchy, similar to the "Browse" feature in

 *  Add the ability to override check-in comments.  It is not possible
    to change the comment in the check-in itself due to the cryptographic
    hash.  But you can add a new record to the repository that overloads
    a check-in comment with a new comment.  Comment changes should be
    GPG clearsigned at the very least.  Comment changes only apply if
    the user who made the change has the right permissions.

 *  Get a build working for win32.  Perhaps use cygwin.  Or omit
    the server component from win32 (to eliminate the need for fork()).

 *  Make the interface to fossil look pretty and be customizable so
    that other people will be attracted to it, will take over maintenance
    of it, and we can eventually move on to other things.