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Comment:Create new branch named "nick.lloyd-git-interop"
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SHA1: 1af797c337378a4c071cedf05a4680180d1e7555
User & Date: nick.lloyd 2016-05-14 21:01:56
Add --import-marks and --export-marks options to 'fossil import' subcommand.

This allows one to save all git-generated marks following an import. Previously, performing an incremental import from git resulted in new commits being imported as orphans, and trying to perform an export to git at some later time resulted in git complaining of undefined marks. To remedy this, the format of the marks file is amended to include the rid, mark, and UUID of each commit. Now, fossil and git agree on the mapping between commits and marks, so updates in either direction can be performed easily. (check-in: c26213be user: nick.lloyd tags: nick.lloyd-git-interop)

Create new branch named "nick.lloyd-git-interop" (check-in: 1af797c3 user: nick.lloyd tags: nick.lloyd-git-interop)
Collected improvements to the fossil wiki and attach commands to support technotes as well as wiki pages, including attachments to either and new test cases. Passes all tests. (check-in: 05cd9fa2 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
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