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Parents and children of check-in [b029ed22]

Ensure the line buffer for the legacy comment printing algorithm can hold maximum-length UTF-8 sequences. check-in: 29d3a2ed user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Fix a problem with initial indent introduced by the previous check-in, so that all regression tests from test/comment.test now succeed. Also eliminate three more calls to fossil_print(). Regarding performance, the legacy comment printing algorithm is outnumbered by factor 2-3, with these changes. check-in: b029ed22 user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8
Add output buffering to the (non-legacy) comment printing algorithm, to reduce calls to fossil_print(). The resulting performance improvement can be up to factor 10, with a perceptible difference even for short comments (measured and tested on Windows with MSVC builds, and on Ubuntu with GCC builds). (For comparison: for the legacy comment printing algorithm, the extra UTF-8 checks added by this branch impair performance by 0.12-1.8%, depending on whether the input contains predominantly multi-byte vs. ASCII-only sequences.) check-in: 16fde3ff user: florian tags: comment-formatter-utf8