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Parents and children of check-in [d4749d60]

merged from trunk check-in: a5f05794 user: wolfgang tags: wolfgangFormat2CSS_2
made rc-file Digital mars conform    digital mars resource compiler(rcc) must be downloaded separately. The changes in the makefile are:    +RC=$(DMDIR)\bin\rcc +RCFLAGS=-32 -w1    APPNAME = $(OBJDIR)\fossil$(E)    all: $(APPNAME)    -$(APPNAME) : translate$E mkindex$E headers $(OBJ) $(OBJDIR)\link +$(APPNAME) : translate$E mkindex$E headers fossil.res $(OBJ) $(OBJDIR)\link cd $(OBJDIR) $(DMDIR)\bin\link @link    +fossil.res: $B\win\fossil.rc + $(RC) $(RCFLAGS) -o$@ $** + $(OBJDIR)\link: $B\win\Makefile.dmc +echo add allrepo attach bag blob branch browse captcha cgi checkin checkout clearsign clone comformat configure content db delta deltacmd descendants diff diffcmd doc encode file finfo graph http http_socket http_ssl http_transport info login main manifest md5 merge merge3 name pivot popen pqueue printf rebuild report rss schema search setup sha1 sh un skins stat style sync tag th_main timeline tkt tktsetup undo update url user verify vfile wiki wikiformat winhttp xfe r zip sqlite3 th th_lang > $@ +echo fossil >> $@ +echo fossil >> $@ +echo $(LIBS) >> $@ + +echo. >> $@ + +echo fossil >> $@ check-in: d4749d60 user: wolfgang tags: wolfgangFormat2CSS_2
versioninfo/icon added to PellesC compile check-in: 12e5178e user: wolfgang tags: wolfgangFormat2CSS_2