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Parents and children of check-in [facb4a87]

Moved the integrity checks for split fragments into separate command. Reworked breaking of internal dependencies to contrain the length of the pending list. That part of the system is still a memory hog, especially for large changesets. Added notes about this and the successor retrieval being a bottleneck. check-in: c14e8f84 user: aku tags: trunk
Fixed bug in new changeset code, tagged and untagged item lists went out of sync. check-in: facb4a87 user: aku tags: trunk
Replaced the checks for self-referential changesets in the cycle breaker with a scheme in the changeset class doing checks when splitting a changeset, which is also called by the general changeset integrity code, after each pass. Extended log output at high verbosity levels. Thorough checking of the fragments a changeset is to be split into. check-in: b42cff97 user: aku tags: trunk