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35 check-ins related to "andygoth-changes"

Integrate andygoth-changes, try two (check-in: e7764947 user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Correct SELECT to not exclude added files, i.e. files not present in the blob table (Closed-Leaf check-in: 45e2e3e9 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Integrate andygoth-changes for broader testing and comment. This change should be fully backward-compatible, unless of course a script depends on the help text never changing or new options never being added. All existing options and defaults should work identically to before. I had planned to update the ls command to use the same backend as changes/status, but that work will have to wait until we decide if the ls options should be redesigned. The SCAN_MTIME, SCAN_SIZE, C_MTIME, and C_SIZE flags are currently unused and can be removed, but their presence harms nothing, and they should be useful for a basis for an updated ls command, though they may need modification to address confusion between commit time, on-disk mtime, checked-in size, and on-disk size. (check-in: 7c8cc2ad user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Correct SQL syntax error on "fossil changes -merge" which is not supposed to display any files yet still tries to run the file query even though it says only "ORDER BY pathname" with no SELECT (check-in: 61da7752 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Merge trunk (check-in: 74a5873c user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Correct internal contradiction in updated ls documentation to match actual behavior. This is too complicated. (check-in: bc5a67d1 user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Split SCAN_META to SCAN_MTIME and SCAN_SIZE. None of these are in use at the moment. (check-in: 2862f1c2 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Remove hard-coded demo of mtime and size from changes and status commands (check-in: 8cd81143 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Remove some excess comments, minor rearrangement (check-in: 8b8e7654 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
More reliably work around the problem experienced by the previous commit. Not sure if this is the right long-term solution since we seem to have an architectural problem: at least one of Fossil's custom SQL functions can change the schema (in this case, by creating a temporary table), thereby invalidating a prepared statement while it is running. See the comment in checkin.c for a bit more information. Of course, there are rearrangements that avoid the issue, but it is certainly a trap for the unwary. (check-in: 5258a43d user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Begin expanding status_report() to support being the backend for the ls command. The work is not yet complete. First we must debug a mysterious abort in SQLite. Test case: run "./fossil changes -differ" with at least one changed file. (check-in: 9d5de8d7 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Rename sfile x column to pathname to match vfile and to make room for new columns I plan to add (check-in: ec9480fc user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Use clearer method of differentiating between the status and changes commands (check-in: 4d33d958 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Add more comments. Replace the changesOnly field with the knowledge that --classify and --no-classify are the only table-driven options specific to the changes command. Correctly ignore --header and -v|verbose when running the status command so their use triggers an error. Add the --differ option which combines the default list of changes (sans --merge) with --extra, i.e. all files that differ from the checked-out baseline version. (check-in: d1214f37 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Remove stale TODO comment. May still want to implement ls in terms of status_report() though. (check-in: bfb7dd2a user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Change -unmodified/UNMODIFIED to -unchanged/UNCHANGED in status_report() for consistency with the ls -v command (check-in: 5775d376 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Minor optimization to status_report() to avoid building list of managed files if only unmanaged files are requested. Move unmanaged file reserved name filtering to status_report(). Ensure db_get*() calls happen after db_must_be_within_tree(). Implement extras_cmd() in terms of status_report(). (check-in: d52fd185 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Remove unused final argument to locate_unmanaged_files() (check-in: c2b3f6b1 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Remove flag debug prints from status_cmd() now that it seems to be stable (check-in: 31c6140e user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Fold print_changes() into status_cmd() (formerly changes_cmd()). Remove C_SHA1SUM, C_HEADER, and C_VERBOSE flags which are no longer needed for communicating options to print_changes(). Move locate_unmanaged_files() closer to the top of the file so status_cmd() can call it. Implement C_UNMODIFIED and C_EXTRA in status_report(). Document the fact that the changes and status commands take optional path arguments. Let changes and status commands accept --case-sensitive (was already done), --dotfiles, and --ignore for the benefit of --extras. Incorporate search for extra files into status_cmd(). (check-in: f15d20e3 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Merge the status command into the changes command. (check-in: 2c3a108c user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Add TODO: reimplement ls and extras in terms of status_report() (check-in: 442a3cd5 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Adjust the way --changed is implemented. Improve documentation. Avoid saying EDITED for files with other types of changes if those change types were not selected for display. (check-in: 2408fd1c user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Implement most of the new changes command, still need to do --all, --unmodified, and --extra (check-in: 7595bdfb user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Comment tweak (check-in: c3f72593 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Implement changes option parser and default logic, still need to implement filtering (check-in: cc3baab8 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Merge trunk (check-in: e6787d1e user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Have makeheaders ignore completely anonymous enums so they can be used within a single source file, useful for value autoincrementing. Update documentation accordingly. Write more about makeheaders's limitations discovered while researching this issue. Remove unnecessary explicit links to makeheaders.html in said file so it can be renamed without consequence. Ensure href attributes are surrounded by quotes. Add missing </html> to end of makeheaders.html. (check-in: 4dcfbc1c user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Merge trunk (check-in: a47d79e9 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Expand list of stopwords in permuted index (check-in: 95bb5a24 user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Minor tweaks to proposed help text for possible enhanced changes command (check-in: b18735fc user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Change "-modified" to "-changed" to be consistent with the terminology used by the diff commands (check-in: ffee6e81 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Revise proposed changes options and help text to accommodate merges. (check-in: 69b41682 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Propose an enhanced changes command. At this point, there is no implementation, only help text describing the new options and behaviors. (check-in: 2bfdbf97 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-changes)
Cosmetic TH1 doc tweaks. (check-in: 0b50909c user: mistachkin tags: trunk)