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Update copyright date to this year since the JSON tests are new this year. Fix indentation of Tcl to match established convention. Add test of JSON API version to reflect earliest I expect to pass these tests. Document block of Version and HAI, and add version for consistency. ... (check-in: c4f8d88f user: Ross tags: rberteig-json-test)
Place a cornerstone for scaffolding of the test cases for the fossil json command and related REST API. This begins with an extension to fossil_maybe_answer in tester.tcl that adds a -expectError option to flag invocations of fossil that are expected to exit with error status and not log it when -quiet is in effect. The new file json.test has the first few test cases for fossil json, all of which are currently passing. ... (check-in: 95080f47 user: Ross tags: rberteig-json-test)
Create new branch named "rberteig-json-test" ... (check-in: 50891558 user: Ross tags: rberteig-json-test)