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  1. Document: Web-Page Examples
    ... In the pages above, click the graph nodes for any two check-ins or files to see a diff.) ? (Example) ? Full-text search for "interesting pages". (Example) ? All files for a particular check-in (daff9d20621480 ... (2024-05-18)

  2. Document: Use of JavaScript in Fossil
    ... We use JavaScript on these pages only to improve their usability, not to define their primary operations. Pages which act as editors of some sort (e.g. the /info page) are prime candidates for getting ... (2024-05-18)

  3. Document: The Annotate Algorithm
    ... interesting in that it is implemented using a recursive common table expression. The Annotate Algorithm 1.0 Introduction The fossil annotate, fossil blame, and fossil praise commands, and the /annotate, /blame, and /praise web pages ... (2024-05-18)

  4. Document: JSON API Introduction
    ... commits of binary files or downloading ZIP files) is not an initial goal, but "might be interesting" once the overall infrastructure is in place and working well. See below for more details about binary data ... (2024-05-18)

  5. Document: Why Add Forum, Wiki, and Web Software To Your DVCS?
    ... Integration of all of these features allows easy hyperlinks between check-in comments, wiki pages, forum posts, and tickets. More, because the software sees both sides of the link, referrer and referent, it can provide ... (2024-05-18)

  6. Ticket: make wiki (code?, bugs?) searchable (2015-02-14 15:24:22)
    ... An interesting research project would be to try to figure out how to do search across all historical versions of a project. </pre> In march 2009 there was an offer to help with "free advice ...

  7. Ticket: Windows 7: "fossil ui" and "fossil server" fail (2012-09-24 11:42:42)
    ... Reading the microsoft msdn pages, i see: <blockquote> When a program is run from the command interpreter (Cmd.exe), _pgmptr is automatically initialized to the full path of the executable file. For example, if Hello ...

  8. Ticket: Cyrillic symbols does not display correctly (2010-02-16 20:03:28)
    ... In Wiki page and other pages, if web-server started by fossil ui reponame Encoding in browser UTF-8 <hr><i>ron added on 2010-02-03 12:17:56:</i><br> Can you please ...

  9. Ticket: Message "killed" opening large repository (2010-01-20 16:56:19)
    ... 55323 Number Of Wiki Pages: 0 Number Of Tickets: 0 Duration Of Project: 1 days </pre></nowiki> <hr><i>anonymous added on 2010-01-14 13:16:05:</i><br> This is on Linux (kernel ...