1. Document: Web-Page Examples
    ... to see a diff.) ? (Example) ? Full-text search for "interesting pages". (Example) ? All files for a particular check-in ... (2021-01-15)

  2. Document: The Annotate Algorithm
    ... commands, and the /annotate, /blame, and /praise web pages are all used to show the most recent check-in that ... name changes by modifications to step 3. Step 2 is interesting in that it is implemented using a recursive common ... (2021-01-15)

  3. Document: Use of JavaScript in Fossil
    ... the size of the page download.” The heaviest such pages served by Fossil only have about 15 kB of compressed ... comprehensively survey our users, we’d expect to find an interesting dichotomy. Because Fossil is targeted at software ... (2021-01-15)

  4. Document: JSON API Introduction
    ... downloading ZIP files) is not an initial goal, but "might be interesting" once the overall infrastructure is in place and working ... end. This approach also allows clients to serve wiki pages in a format of their choice - since all rendering ... (2021-01-15)

  5. Ticket: make wiki (code?, bugs?) searchable (2015-02-14 15:24:22)
    ... straightforward to search wiki page contents, since the pages are stored as BLOBs and I don't see any easy way to ... implementing search. But so far it is unused. An interesting research project would be to try to figure out how ...

  6. Ticket: Windows 7: "fossil ui" and "fossil server" fail (2012-09-24 11:42:42)
    ... really solve the problem. Reading the microsoft msdn pages, i see: <blockquote> When a program is run from ... I think the MSDN link a couple comment above is interesting. I built fossil directly on each machine I use it ...

  7. Ticket: Cyrillic symbols does not display correctly (2010-02-16 20:03:28)
    ... resolution: Fixed | comment: In Wiki page and other pages, if web-server started by fossil ui reponame Encoding ... hr><i>ron added on 2010-02-16 10:08:30:</i><br> Interesting: this bug ONLY happens on XP. I tried Vista and ...

  8. Ticket: Message "killed" opening large repository (2010-01-20 16:56:19)
    ... Checkins: 1 Number Of Files: 55323 Number Of Wiki Pages: 0 Number Of Tickets: 0 Duration Of Project ... created a repo "fossil new t", changed dir to the interesting dir and "fossil open ../t; fossil add *; fossil ci ...