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3 check-ins related to "content-type-no-charset"

Replace /pikchrshow with a WASM-based version and rename the prior version to /pikchrshowcs (cs=client/server). There are still a couple layout/style quirks to resolve, and a feature or two to port from the legacy app, but it more or less works. ... (check-in: 321f01a8 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Remove the '; charset=utf-8' suffix from response Content-Type headers. That modifier is technically incorrect for many mimetypes, but wasm loaders are extra picky about it and refuse to load wasm files with the charset set. An attempt at porting over althttpd's solution for this same problem leads down a much deeper and far more invasive rabbit hole because how fossil handles/sets the response content type is more involved than in althttpd. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 15e7b49e user: stephan tags: content-type-no-charset)
Fix the new linear bisect so that it always goes from good to bad and stops at the first bad check-in found. ... (check-in: e6554457 user: drh tags: trunk)