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7 check-ins related to "diff-js-fixes"

Merge the latest diff context loading fix. ... (check-in: 4b1cf8d8 user: florian tags: trunk)
Another fix for the JS to dynamically load extra diff context: when coalescing multiple pending Up/Down events into a single Fill Gap event, make sure the event queue isn't truncated too eagerly. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 36ba7ec9 user: florian tags: diff-js-fixes)
/chat: a potential fix to stop *some* builds of Firefox from pasting formatted content into the edit field. (Some builds, same version, do not do so.) ... (check-in: 498bc071 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merged in diff context loading fixes from Florian: off-by-one error for the single-line context case and a race condition for the click-queue. ... (check-in: 36bec9ad user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix an off-by-one error that prevents loading single-line diff context chunks at the top of the file(s). See Forum Post 5f407f5f1f for a test case. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 72f34938 user: florian tags: diff-js-fixes)
Fix a race window bug with click-ahead bookkeeping: if loading of diff context chunks is super-fast (localhost and/or cached), but insertion into the document is significantly slowed (e.g. after ~100*15 diff context lines already added to the same block), clicks during document manipulation have a chance to be queued (good) and handled immediately (not necessarily bad) as soon as setTimeout() yields the UI thread, and then another chance to be doubly handled (definitely bad) by the scheduled queue processing. ... (check-in: 6a371417 user: florian tags: diff-js-fixes)
Fix bug mentioned in a4c682e21ce329fe to make URL parser require properly formed URL containing a slash following the port. ... (check-in: fb752a04 user: andybradford tags: trunk)