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34 check-ins related to "js-hamburger-menu"

Enhancements to the hamburger menu mechanism. ... (check-in: 724a9b8f user: drh tags: trunk)
Oops, fallen for testing built-in versus customized skin, fix the previous check-in. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: dac9293b user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Less rigid string-to-number conversion for the custom "data-anim-ms" attribute. ... (check-in: e4a18b67 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Backout [4d384ed875] and [5677271a1c] to simplify the hamburger menu customization template. ... (check-in: bf8946a1 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Remove leftover IE8 compatibility code, as the hamburger menu never worked with this browser. (The hamburger button would be replaced with a non-scripted link to the sitemap, if JS processing got this far.) ... (check-in: b0043203 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
For consistency, HTMLize another TH1 variable, though not sure if this is required, see ... (check-in: 5677271a user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Switch away from classic (bubbling-only) event handling to simplify management of temporary handlers, and to have the ESC key listener use a priority (capturing) handler, to prevent any other keydown handlers or default actions for the ESC key while the panel is open. This does not change the compatibility test results summarized here: (IE8 halts JS processing at JSON.parse in antiRobotDefense, anyway.) Also, for non-compatible browsers, there's a new fallback to transform the hamburger button into a simple (non-scripted) link to the sitemap. ... (check-in: e3376829 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Cancel the timer to remove the border of the hamburger menu panel after the closing animation, if the menu is closed and immediately reopened by double-clicking the hamburger button. ... (check-in: c73deeb6 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Recalculate the dimensions of the hamburger menu if the browser window is resized. ... (check-in: 7c724cf7 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Fix the hamburger menu template from the documentation to ensure TH1 variables are properly HTMLized. ... (check-in: 4d384ed8 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Enable customization of the hamburger menu through the default skin header.txt. ... (check-in: 497dbb35 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Extend the CSS fixes to avoid column breaks inside list items, [dc5e06ff71] and [51da396650], as Firefox classifies 'break-inside' as an 'invalid property name'. This affects the sitemap and the hamburger drop-down menu. ... (check-in: 5bd8d6fe user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Read the CSS transition style to be restored later directly from the (previously initialized) style property, as window.getComputedStyle() seems to return null with Firefox, in this specific case. This fixes a problem introduced with the previous check-in. ... (check-in: c6735b38 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Allow the hamburger menu to be closed instantly by pressing ESC or by clicking outside. This is the patch initially submitted to, with the interim changes incorporated. ... (check-in: a44fdd17 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Fix minor inaccuracy in the number of years in the human_readable_age() function. ... (check-in: e93ae526 user: drh tags: trunk)
Add a hamburger menu that brings up an overlaid /sitemap to the default skin. ... (check-in: 9c887998 user: drh tags: trunk)
Split out the javascript for the default skin into the separate skin-script property. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 72cfbf70 user: drh tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Merge in the ability to define a script for a skin. ... (check-in: 666c4f9a user: drh tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Add the styleScript TH1 command to enabling including the script element of the skin in-line in the header or footer. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: dc88a533 user: drh tags: skin-script)
Added a guard on the use of CSS transitions so it falls back to a non-animated menu pull down if they appear not to be available on the current browser. Also added a check for the existence of the hamburger menu item in case the skin admin diked it out, and did a few other minor tweaks to the footer JS code. ... (check-in: 5d9a3454 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Timing tweaks: made "hide borders" hack occur about the same time as the CSS transition finishes, and increased the menu show delay still further to make it work for Firefox. ... (check-in: 7bb68023 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Changed hamburger menu drop-down menu from 33% of the screen width to 90%: it works better on small screens, and it allows the sitemap to go multi-column on wider screens. Also added some right-side padding to balance the padding added for
    on the left.
... (check-in: e76a243d user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Removed the
    and moved the multicolumn styling applied to it down to the
      , since it is already a block level element, so we don't need a div wrapper on it. And then there's the real reason, which is that we want the multicolumn styling to work on the drop-down hamburger menu version as well.
... (check-in: 0d391a1b user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Increased the transition delay to make the initial drop-down animation happen in Firefox 62. ... (check-in: 8918a8a8 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Using CSS transitions to mimic jQuery's slideUp/Down() transitions. This probably restricts browser compatibility still further above the XHR issue noted in the earlier checkin on this branch. According to MDN, we're probably restricted to IE 10+ with this, and maybe not even that due to not using vendor-specific extensions for the transitional browser versions. ... (check-in: 90bd6675 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Converted JS hamburger button menu code to use standard JS only, no jQuery.

Temporarily lost the animation with this change: I'm checking this in separately to make the difference between this and the jQuery version clearer.

Not sure how portable it is yet; I wouldn't be surprised if it broke on old IE, since we're using xhr.onload instead of the horrid mess that is xhr.onreadystatechange. ... (check-in: 113ba3d9 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)

Merged in trunk improvements ... (check-in: 96b1a9ca user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Reverted [59c7ca0509]: drh says we can't use jQuery. Also, there was a syntax error that sent all hyperlinks to the honeypot in some conditions. ... (check-in: 5a62b395 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.25.0 alpha version for testing. ... (check-in: 48171b66 user: drh tags: trunk)
The hyperlinks in the hamburger menu drop-down still had the anti-robot defense activated. Defeated it. ... (check-in: 571df2e8 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Converted src/href.js to jQuery as a demonstration: the code's nearly half the size, and it's clearer as a result. ... (check-in: 59c7ca05 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Fixed a bug in the onclick handler for the new hamburger button which allowed the browser to follow our empty 'a href="#"' link. For some reason, Chrome only did this sometimes, not always, which lead to me thinking it was some kind of race condition. ... (check-in: e806e5c4 user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Ajaxy animated drop-down menu on clicking a new hamburger button in the default skin, as requested by drh on the forum:

Initial version uses jQuery loaded from Google Hosted APIs for ease of development. ... (check-in: d7c43c5a user: wyoung tags: js-hamburger-menu)

Avoid column breaks inside a top-level bullet in the /sitemap. ... (check-in: dc5e06ff user: drh tags: trunk)