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39 check-ins by user jnc

Added diff-command and gdiff-command to the valid settings ... (check-in: 29bc8da1 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Removed unnecessary items from WWW Configuration, also made RSS Title and Description into generic Project Name and Project Description settings, which will be used elsewhere in the web site. ... (check-in: f3807dbd user: jnc tags: trunk)
Fixed omitsign discrepancies. Windows version now looks for USERNAME instead of USER when creating new database. ... (check-in: a21806dc user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added safemerge option to commit, update and settings ... (check-in: 41561125 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Merged in new revision support for diff and revert commands into mainstream ... (check-in: 8d55aa35 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added revision support to diff and revert ... (check-in: 574763ba user: jnc tags: trunk)
Merged the compiler warning fixes into mainstream ... (check-in: 92291035 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Fixed many uninitialized variable warnings and some potential bug found via -Wall -Werror on gcc. ... (check-in: e63a9fd9 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Styled the vinfo page ... (check-in: cfc7984e user: jnc tags: trunk)
Merger w/fossil chat update (5e3f) ... (check-in: e6d1cd96 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Updated the default style.css a bit to make more visually appealing, however, we should finish styling the existing html output, then find someone more artistically talented to come up with a final default css theme. ... (check-in: 99eabf9b user: jnc tags: trunk)
Autosync is now working. Added autosync to tag add, tag branch and branch create. ... (check-in: e4517465 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Ran an old fossil, did not auto-push... Updated ideas.txt to reflect that work has begun on this task and what has already been done. Hopefully this one will auto-push... ... (check-in: 6847e9b2 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Once a successful commit is made, if autosync is on, a push is now done. This commit will be the first test of that new functionality :-) ... (check-in: 0431f14e user: jnc tags: trunk)
Autosync config parameter added (autosync). Setting this to 1, y or Y (or yes, Yes, yes, YES, etc...) will cause autosync's to happen during certian operations. Right now, the only operation paying attention to this is update. If autosync and you do fossil update, a pull takes place first, then an update. Others will follow (commit for one). ... (check-in: b773dda2 user: jnc tags: trunk)
After looking at it a bit, mjanssen and I decided <...> looks better than *...* for marking the current checkout ... (check-in: 6f9c0e4a user: jnc tags: trunk)
Timeline and Leaves on TTY now marks with *...* (vs [...]) you current working revision ... (check-in: 2db88ec6 user: jnc tags: trunk)
When checking for win32 absolute paths, I added a check to make sure we don't overstep the bounds of a string ... (check-in: af3a7518 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Merged mjanssen's timeline updates ... (check-in: 798a48ee user: jnc tags: trunk)
Merged dhr's todo and ideas update ... (check-in: b8cc22eb user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added revert command, currently only offering revert to current version. Organized todo.txt a bit, added new bug report ... (check-in: 255bacf9 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added a gdiff command. diff command now runs config diff-command, gdiff command (graphical diff) now runs config gdiff-command. With both, if -i is supplied, internal diff is used. With both, if they are not configured, internal diff is used. Fixed bug with internal diff giving files in reverse order. Also put div id="sub-menu" inside of submenu if, as to not display the sub menu if no sub menu items exist ... (check-in: 01ce2cf3 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added support for a user defined diff command, which if set (fossil config diff-command), is run by default. The user can give a -i flag to run the internal diff command regardless of user defined diff command setting. Removed command tkdiff, no longer needed. Made the config remove message a bit more clear, when removing a config setting, it states it has been removed instead of telling you it's undefined. ... (check-in: c82fb617 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added style.css page that get's from the repo or uses a built in style.css. Removed static formatting in header/footer, replaced with divs, spans and ids which the style.css can totally control. The default style.css is simple, uses blue colors from timeline date area. Fixed minor bug on setup_ulist where it would display footer at top. ... (check-in: 5cd95974 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Some elements moved to correct order in wiki AllowedMarkup array. Removed hardcoded link in resolveHyperlink and also made it handle outside links, such as http, ftp, mailto, etc... When looking for valid HTML codes, I changed isalpha to isalnum so that H1, H2, etc... would be recognized. Better code for setting inital checkout db entry. ... (check-in: 55dc2abc user: jnc tags: trunk)
One more minor change to the fix of ff4c, set the current checkout to 1 if this is a brand new file. ... (check-in: 746a0b85 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Fixed bug in open_cmd. As of ff4c, open now runs update --latest as well, which would err on a brand new, blank, database. open_cmd now only runs update --latest if the current pid != 0 ... (check-in: 4dc622f3 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added RSS feed. You can set the RSS title, description in Setup. Added header to style to include title and pointer to the new RSS feed. The new RSS feed is BaseURL/timeline.rss ... (check-in: 07eaead5 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Branching now working correctly, including adding of bgcolor tag and correct R line ... (check-in: 2ad378d0 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Forgot a line of debug code, writting now removed ... (check-in: 17596784 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Merged win32 info update and branch addition ... (check-in: 96f0d64a user: jnc tags: trunk)
fossil branch command added. Base branch new works. Specifying a color causes a malformed manifest file error. branch list does not work, just skeleton code right now. ... (check-in: b8a8959e user: jnc tags: trunk)
More descriptive build process in win32.txt, also removed win32 port from the todo.txt ... (check-in: 34accdd0 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Merged win32.txt which caused the branch initially ... (check-in: b57d4567 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Socket operations now functional in Win32 port. Added quotes around the filename portion of the command to edit thus working of windows in paths where the temp directory contains spaces. Added -all flag to clean command. If not specified each file is prompted for before removing. ... (check-in: 8372cc0b user: jnc tags: trunk)
Forgot to remove path problems from 'Outstading Issues' ... (check-in: 46f96301 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Win32 port now functional except network operations. This commit was done on windows :-). See win32.txt for status of all commands. No networking commands are functional yet. All path operations are now functioning. ... (check-in: c7278fd0 user: jnc tags: trunk)
Added win32 build notes ... (check-in: 5890c67d user: jnc tags: trunk)
Win32 port: compiles, all tests pass but many functions fail due to path separators. Incomplete. Path fixes to come next ... (check-in: 83c876b4 user: jnc tags: trunk)