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87 check-ins by user rberteig

Fixed commit-warning.test broken by addition of the bootstrap skin which includes a file with long lines that generated a new warning. ... (check-in: ae83b213 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Added new documentation for File Name Glob Patterns, suitable for explaining how the patterns found in the various xxx-glob settings work in detail. ... (check-in: b892f2d5 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Final proofreading of file glob patterns document before merging to trunk. Also updated the permuted index to match mkindex.tcl and the current glob article title. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: ea1fd253 user: rberteig tags: glob-docs)
With examples split into their own list, switch back to compacted bullet lists. ... (check-in: 8ce3e9a6 user: rberteig tags: glob-docs)
Add some hints about translating from .gitignore to ignore-glob. I only scratched the surface: this could easily become the subject of a book. ... (check-in: ddea92ad user: rberteig tags: glob-docs)
In, fixed one more all-caps GLOB and reworded some things. ... (check-in: daf2ada2 user: rberteig tags: glob-docs)
More editorial work. ... (check-in: 1adc47e0 user: rberteig tags: glob-docs)
Substantial and minor changes to the file globs document taking advice from Warren Young's email. ... (check-in: 1239b6c4 user: rberteig tags: glob-docs)
Added a new document describing the details of the GLOB syntax used with many settings. Updated the permuted index generator (and the index) to include it. ... (check-in: b96f86c6 user: rberteig tags: glob-docs)
Fixed bug in test files generated in commit-warning tests that caused some UCS-2 (aka UTF-16) files to have an odd byte length and be seen as binary instead of Unicode. ... (check-in: 4bbd5c3e user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Added some UTF-16 cases, and a BOM case for UTF-8 to commit-warning.test ... (check-in: 8705a525 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Improve commit-warning tests by constructing test files for interesting cases aiming for coverage of all the situations that should produce warnings independent of the other files in the fossil repository. ... (check-in: 02bfb9b6 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Clean up JSON tests and tweak use of catch in the test framework. ... (check-in: 9e5f06de user: rberteig tags: trunk)
In json.test, look for the empty file artifact using its new SHA3 hash explicitly. This allows json-artifact-file and related tests to pass, and eliminates a cascade of false failures that had crashed the test harness. ... (check-in: 5ad7038f user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Wrap each .test file in a catch command, with output of the error messages to the log for sanity. This should reduce the ways that a failing test case can unexpectedly wedge the entire test suite. ... (check-in: cdf1700a user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Skip entire merge5.test until fossil sqlite3 --no-repository works right. ... (check-in: 6167f69a user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Mark the failing test pre-commit-warnings-1 as a knownBug. TODO: Write a more stable test case. ... (check-in: 876b436c user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Fixed amend.test to only care about the first 40 chars of uuid values. ... (check-in: 3537c75c user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Changed remaining regexps in test cases that match hashes to allow hashes to range from 40 to 64 hex digits. Added the same_uuid proc to the test harness to regularize comparing uuids. It is true if one is a prefix of the other. There are still regressions in the test suite, especially in amend.test, but this is progress. ... (check-in: 0541af5f user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Update hash regexp to defend against full length SHA3 hashes. ... (check-in: 38115a0b user: rberteig tags: trunk)
New test case for the Markdown bug, fixed issues with hash matching, fixed tests for the TH1 unversioned command so they no longer depend on unversioned files from a past release in the real repository. ... (check-in: f92672bd user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Merge in small fixes to the test suite and plan to continue improving the suite in the trunk. Also kludge login.c on MinGW which has no strtok_r() available in its libc by supplying a public domain one. There certainly is a better way to deal with this, but this unbreaks the build on Windows broken by [315cf2436]. ... (check-in: 93d52a01 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Merged from trunk for testing before pushing back to trunk. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: f955c632 user: rberteig tags: rkb-2.0-tests)
Merged from trunk to verify fix in [62352847]. ... (check-in: 4077357a user: rberteig tags: rkb-2.0-tests)
Fixed isses in the JSON and wiki test cases exposed by regressions in fossil-2.0. ... (check-in: 5ee57d84 user: rberteig tags: rkb-2.0-tests)
Add the --localhost argument to the fossil server command invoked by test_start_server in test/tester.tcl. This change causes the server to only bind to localhost:8080, which does not trigger the Windows Firewall to panic about a program attempting to communicate with the world. Tested on a 64-bit binary built from VS2010, and a 32-bit binaray build from MinGW GCC 4.2.7, both under Windows 10 Pro. I expect the flag works and is harmless on other platforms. ... (check-in: 6c8cec73 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Fix test suite regression caused by the addtion of the new uv-sync setting in check-in [b9fd5947ef] without updating the list of all settings in tester.tcl. ... (check-in: 0661d65c user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Fix regression to test case amend-close-1.3 caused by checkin [f4b5881b] which changed the commit message stored when marking a branch closed. The test case has been changed so that it passes. ... (check-in: 06fdea59 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Improved documentation of the date and time stamps understood by most fossil commands and web pages. No non-documentation changes were made, but comments in eight source files were edited. ... (check-in: cd77e064 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Added quick checks to verify that the manifest and manifest.uuid files have sensible content, at least for the initial empty checkin. This does require that an SHA1 module be installed for use by the test harness, which I am slightly surprised was not already needed by any other test case. ... (check-in: bf62b160 user: rberteig tags: jan-manifest-tags)
Add a basic set of tests for the manifest property, including minimal coverage of the existance of the tags manifest. This can and should be extended to cover interesting content for the tags manifest, and likely should be extended to cover lots more corner cases. These new tests pass on Windows, but should be tried on at least one unix-like platform. ... (check-in: c33f02de user: rberteig tags: jan-manifest-tags)
Add documentation of the repolist mode to the CGI command. ... (check-in: 20e9731c user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Collected improvements to the fossil wiki and attach commands to support technotes as well as wiki pages, including attachments to either and new test cases. Passes all tests. ... (check-in: 05cd9fa2 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Document short options for fossil wiki list command. ... (check-in: 99b1a1ea user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Merged trunk and resolved conflicts. Passes all current tests, except for tests wiki-15 and wiki-15.1 in wiki.test. ... (check-in: 8c8ccac9 user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Move loop variable declaration out of for loop for C89 happiness. ... (check-in: 5a0dbf97 user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Make usage of 'Usage:' and 'or:' consistent in all help text. ... (check-in: 8bfd9951 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Add new fossil test-all-help command. Spell checked and proof read all help text. Fixed typos. Reworded for clarity in a few places. Cleaned up a few inconsistencies of formatting. No code changes other than the new command. Passes all tests. ... (check-in: 26eef7f8 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Add some options to the test-all-help command. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 1b0a3cf3 user: rberteig tags: ross-spellcheck)
Add a plain-text equivalent of the /test-all-help page to the CLI. Complete a first pass for spelling and minor grammar over all command and page help text. ... (check-in: f070ec99 user: rberteig tags: ross-spellcheck)
Work in progress on spell-check and proof-reading sweep over the help text. ... (check-in: 2a4e31bd user: rberteig tags: ross-spellcheck)
Fixed some typos and attempted to improve documentation of the fossil wiki command. Added and rearranged test casesd for fossil wiki to explicitly include a knownBug case for the collision between a previous attachment and a new technote that happen to occur in the same second. Note that the reverse order does not fail, as demonstrated by some additional tests. ... (check-in: b81125e2 user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Fixed inconsistent calls to usage() in the attachment command which result in printing the fossil command name twice in the Usage: message. ... (check-in: 420a5fc0 user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Reviewed all Usage: messages for consistency and fixed a few where the fossil command was named in the call to usage(), causing the displayed usage to show the command name twice. Affected commands are bisect options, test-fileage, test-set-mtime, whatis, remote-url, and tag list. ... (check-in: 57f1eaec user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Add a 1.2 sec delay before the test wiki-30 because it explicitly uses the current date and time, and other changes made to technotes implicitly use the current time, causing a technote name collision if the test script happens to execute with the relevent bits happening within the same wall clock second, at least on Windows. This is partly a kludge to make this test case pass reliably. It would probably be better for test cases to not have more than one reference to 'now' in a way that would cause a name collision, that is worth further investigation. Also, at first glance it doesn't look like the suite actually created to technotes at the same second, but rather it was one of the edits to an older technote that is causing the collision. ... (check-in: c29c75c9 user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Added wiki.test as received from David Vines. This is a snapshot, the test file (usually) runs, but has an issue that I am diagnosing related to the test wiki-30. ... (check-in: f7513f87 user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Merged trunk for changes since January and test suite improvements. ... (check-in: 8fa24960 user: rberteig tags: technoteattachcli)
Fix two issues with Older/Newer buttons at timeline edges. ... (check-in: f7c19ec0 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
New documentation of enviornment variables, global options to the fossil command, and how they interact, along with a tweak to regularize the two places that guessed the current user name to use the same environment variables in the same order. ... (check-in: 1ad4ae27 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Merged updates from trunk. Builds on Windows. ... (check-in: 9a41671b user: rberteig tags: jan-manifest-tags)
Tweak make test to not include the obsolete scary warning, to use the -quiet flag, and to include the empty by default TESTFLAGS macro so that make test can be used as an easy way to invoke the test runner. Changes made in makemake.tcl, which was then run to regenerate ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 9dc8ff23 user: rberteig tags: testerCleanup)
Fix a broken test case stash-3-4-mv by renaming it to stash-3-2-mv and fixing the issue with comparing to the fully qulified file name in the result. Marked stash-4-2-diff-CODE and stash-4-3-diff-CODE as known bugs. Now stash.test reports only known bugs, which I believe mostly relate to handling of renamed files in a stash. ... (check-in: 186e6a71 user: rberteig tags: testerCleanup)
Tweak descriptions of FOSSIL_USER, LOGNAME, USER, and USERNAME environment variables. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 809e80a1 user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Rewrite the section on fossil usernames selection, fix typos and improve wording here and there. ... (check-in: 83153a97 user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Add new test-usernames command to dump all of the various sources of the current user name in the order tested. ... (check-in: 5de13cb1 user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Change db_create_default_users() to align its use of environment variables to set the user name to match user_select(), and try all variables on both Unix and Windows. ... (check-in: ace9e00f user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Completed rough draft pass through all the global command line options. ... (check-in: 95bd81f8 user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Checkpoint after a first pass through every call to ...getenv() in src/*.c to list environment variables mentioned. Every variable has a very rough draft description. Every global command option is listed, but not all have even a rough draft description yet. ... (check-in: 3b5ff98c user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Fix incorrect build instruction at the top of mkindex.tcl. ... (check-in: 4e89aee8 user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Add a new document covering global options and environment variables used by fossil. This is a work in progress, but snapshotted as it stands so that others can poke at it. ... (check-in: 946ed34d user: rberteig tags: ross-doc-env)
Fix glitch in tester.tcl on Windows which caused repo_init to fail to guard the users's lists of all repositories and checkouts. Setting FOSSIL_HOME as well as HOME to [pwd] resolves this neatly, and likely makes it more robust on other platforms since FOSSIL_HOME is always checked first and if set by a user, would still override the attempt made by repo_init to protect them. ... (check-in: dc72fd96 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Add -e as a short option for --edit-comment in fossil amend. ... (check-in: 9ea1f140 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Add -e as a short option for --edit-comment in the amend command. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 769bc7b4 user: rberteig tags: pending-review)
Updated stash.test to reflect the incidental changes in output caused by the changes made in [fea4d80ee7]. ... (check-in: a9afb1f0 user: rberteig tags: stash-fixes)
More fossil stash cases, this time with snapshot and interesting results of fossil stash diff in when a DELETE was snapshotted. ... (check-in: 94b95307 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Added new edge case tests to stash.test, related to stashing renamed files. ... (check-in: 34cf38b0 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Added the ability to pass the knownBug constraint through test_status_list to test. Added capability for known bug marking of segments of stash-test, and use it to mark problems with stashing renamed files. Also added checking in stash-test for the exit status, and support for -expectError. ... (check-in: 1a346142 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Added test for fossil revert with a file marked for RENAME but not actually renamed on disk to test/revert.test. ... (check-in: 8b727021 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Create basic tests for fossil stash with a new file, an edited file, a renamed file and an untouched file. Use fossil stash subcommands to confirm that the right information got stored, and tests borrowed from revert.test to verify that the file system also has the expected content. Note that this does not currently cover the edge case created by fossil mv --soft, let alone the apparent assertion failure reported on list related to stash and fossil mv --soft. These tests pass on my Windows configuration as of [92877364]. ... (check-in: 3f3eada1 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Fixed json.test problem with fossil configured without --json. Removed the knownBug marker from the test json-wiki-diff-diff since [08197f96] fixed the bug it identified. ... (check-in: c35152a5 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Add test cases for fossil json. Improve the test suite to support a way to treat expected non-zero status exits from fossil as success when warrented. Made minor bug fixes to the test framework, and to several test cases unrelated to JSON support. ... (check-in: 62627615 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Merged from trunk to pick up work in progress and a bug fix to tester.tcl. Fixed issue introduced by the addition of the insertCsrf and verifyCsrf commands from ci [f8820eff] which broke the test th1-info-commands. Also fixed the dependence on the order of commands output by TH1. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 2de15c8e user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Minor tweaks in a few test cases, placeholder for cases to exercise documented error codes. ... (check-in: 9f45c8b6 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Cover simple case of /json/user/save to create a new user. Consider covering various other ways that endpoint can be used, as well as CLI vs GET and POST. Current case is CLI based. This case completes coverage of the basic features provided by all documented JSON endpoints. ... (check-in: 1571e4c2 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Add support for POST in JSON over HTTP. Test /json/cap with various ways of delivering an authToken to cover the rest of the Authentication category basic functionality. NOTE that supplying the authToken in the POSTed JSON request envelope does not appear to work. Passing it in a cookie or in a GET parameter does work as expected. ... (check-in: 479aadb1 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added test case for /json/diff/UUID_V1/UUID_V2. Note that this case passes and clearly does diff the versions in the expected order. ... (check-in: f28e7713 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Add test case for issue with a read-only fossil repository causing confusing results for the JSON API over HTTP. ... (check-in: dc042c6a user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Add cookie support to fossil_http_json, as well as extra args passed through to fossil_maybe_answer so -expectError can be used. Tweak some comments. Note doc revision eliminating /json/timeline/ci, which clears a previous knownBug. Cache a usable login cookie for both anonymous and user U1 for later use. ... (check-in: a9edb60a user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Included the answer text supplied to a fossil command when provided to fossil_maybe_answer in a call to protOut. This makes debugging tests using fossil http and a GET or POST to /json easier. ... (check-in: f3401430 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added more coverage of /json, leaving /json/login, /json/diff, and /json/user/save uncovered, and finding surprises with /json/wiki/diff, /json/timeline/ci, and /json/tag/cancel. All implemented coverage is of the best documented and easiest tested paths through each feature. Tests for edge cases and failure paths are not yet in place, nor are complete tests for full expected values in most cases. ... (check-in: c2c49b35 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added /json/whoami from CLI, changed /json/cap to only care that it worked from CLI since capabilities are sort of meaningless in CLI mode. Added checks for caps provided to each logged in user by /json/login from its own results. Starting on /json/branch/list. All tests pass except known bugs and TODOs. ... (check-in: bab84bd7 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Also test /json/wiki/preview, /json/g, /json/rebuild, /json/resultCodes, /json/anonymousPassword, /json/login for both anonymous and a normal user. Note that test for /json/cap is a work in progress since the CLI ingores any auth tokens and always acts with all caps. ... (check-in: 9b8b0518 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Refactoring in the json tests. Add coverage of /json/wiki. Note discrepency between documentation and execution of /json/wiki/diff. ... (check-in: cb611ffc user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Merge the new knownBug constraint support from trunk. ... (check-in: 2ada5ec7 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Marked invocations of fossil that are expected to return a non-zero status with the -expectError flag in the amend, clean, and merge5 test files. This makes tester.tcl -quiet be truely quiet for those files when all tests are passing. Deliberately did not mark the invocation in merge6.test which foreshadows the failure of the merge_multi-4 test, as it is not clear to me whether the bug is in the test case or in fossil. ... (check-in: 62f59956 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Merged from trunk to pick up test case edits made there, along with recent cosmetic fixes. ... (check-in: 4e0e141e user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added copyright and license comment blocks to two existing test case files that were missing them, with years based on looking for when the tests were first added to the repository. ... (check-in: 08a35878 user: rberteig tags: trunk)