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Ticket Hash: 9fbc3fad8a30180effa7b55fc496e28987c6d98f
Title: Fossil should deliver application/xhtml+xml when appropriate (with patch)
Status: Open Type: Code_Defect
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Last Modified: 2011-04-22 03:10:17
Version Found In: 2011-04-19 20:30:31 085b6a1bbb
Fossil currently always delivers web page content as text/html to the browser.

Following the guidelines in the attached patch delivers the application/xhtml+xml content type instead when appropriate.

This will allow the use of the <![CDATA[ ... anything not escaped ... ]]> construct in future fossil output which should facilitate embedding arbitrary command output into the returned web pages (such as for rebuild and sync when used from the web ui).

NOTE: The patch attached to ticket [5ff2043c96] should also be applied or else invalid xhtml can be sent to the browser.