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Ticket Hash: f270321c0f74b354f05ea8632aaac05eb5d68f13
Title: Recursively adding directories should respect ignore-glob
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Last Modified: 2011-01-05 18:41:27
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If I set a pattern in my ignore-glob, and said files don't appear under "fossil extra", I would expect "fossil add <subdirectory>" to not add those files. Yet it seems to do just that.

I'm trying to import a somewhat complex project into Fossil, and it places build artifacts in easily-determined locations (compiled .class files in subdirectories called "target", dependencies fetched by the build tool in directories appended with "_managed", etc.) I've successfully got "fossil extra" not listing these, but whenever I try recursively adding a subdirectory, these files are still listed as being added. I've had to wipe out my _FOSSIL file multiple times and re-add all the various files I've tried adding previously several times in order to not get build artifacts in the repository.

Seems that if I tell Fossil to ignore something, that it should automatically do so unless explicitly told to do otherwise. Thanks.