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Title: Makefile for native MinGW
Status: Fixed Type: Build_Problem
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Last Modified: 2010-12-23 18:37:39
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Building Fossil on Windows with MinGW currently requires also MSYS, a small UNIX abstraction layer.

The attached patch for makemake.tcl extends the range of generated Makefiles with one for native MinGW, no MSYS or awk required.

Execute makemake.tcl from the Fossil toplevel directory as follows:

$ tclsh src/makemake.tcl MinGW > win/Makefile.MinGW

Specify the generated Makefile on the make command line:

$ make -f <path to Fossil>/win/Makefile.MinGW

I am using this Makefile with the MinGW Distribution from without problems.

-- tsbg

anonymous claiming to be tsbg added on 2010-12-23 13:00:55:
When specifying the path to the MinGW Makefile on the make command line, use a relative path specification. For example:

$ make -f ..\..\fossil\win\Makefile.MinGW

This is because the Makeheaders program has a problem with full paths on Windows:

$ makeheaders d:\dev\fossil\src\sqlite3.h
Can't read input file "d"

I think this is because the colon is used on Windows as a device name separator.

-- tsbg