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About branch describe-objects-using-wiki

The describe-objects-using-wiki branch is an experiment in linking branches, checkins, and tags to wiki pages by using wiki pages with special names. This idea was originally introduced on the Fossil Forum.

Linkages implemented so far:

  • On the /timeline?r=BRANCH page, if there is a wiki page named "branch:BRANCH" then the text of that wiki page is shown above the normal timeline of the graph. Example: /timeline?r=graph-test-branch
  • On the /timeline?t=TAG page, if there is a wiki page named "tag:TAG" then the text of that wiki page is shown above the normal timeline graph. Example: /timeline?t=cvs2fossil-complete
  • On the /info/HASH page for checkin HASH. if there is a wiki page named "checkin:FULLHASH" (where FULLHASH must be the complete SHA1 or SHA3-256 hash of the checkin for which HASH is a prefix) then the text of that wiki page appears under a new "About" section. Example: /info/dcf93d034143f49ef

In addition to these primary linkages, there are other enhancements:

  • This linkage mechanism can be completely disabled by a setting on the Setup/Wiki page. It defaults to on, though.
  • The /wiki and /wikiedit screens for the specially-named wiki pages have titles that reflect their special usage, and submenu links to the corresponding branch, checkin, or tag.
  • The "nowiki" query parameter will disable the display of linked wiki pages for a particular URL.
  • The /info page has an added "Wiki:" line in its Overview section (visible only to users that have the ability to read wiki) that allows one to view (and edit with appropriate privileges) Wiki pages associated with the checkin being displayed, or any branch or tag attached to that checkin.
  • The /timeline page has an added "Wiki" submenu element that links to the corresponding /wiki page, if there is one.
8 check-ins related to "describe-objects-using-wiki"
Allow wiki pages with names like "branch/BRANCH", "checkin/HASH", and "tag/TAGNAME" to automatically link to displays of the corresponding branch, checkin, or tag. (check-in: 56023854 user: drh tags: trunk)
Do not allow edits to wiki pages associated with branches, checkins, or tags for users who do not also have checkin privileges. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 60e8a08f user: drh tags: describe-objects-using-wiki)
Change the /info page Overview section to have "Wiki:" links for wiki display, instead of "Edit Wiki:" links. Users who want to edit, can do the additional "Edit" click from the wiki page. Also have /info honor the nowiki query parameter. (check-in: f17a5198 user: drh tags: describe-objects-using-wiki)
Better titles for the /wiki page for associated wiki. (check-in: 57443202 user: drh tags: describe-objects-using-wiki)
Improved page titles when editing wiki about branches, checkins, and tags. Honor the wiki-about flag. (check-in: 32d9be6d user: drh tags: describe-objects-using-wiki)
Add more linkage between the speicially named wiki pages and various objects. (check-in: 42327c67 user: drh tags: describe-objects-using-wiki)
Begin adding the ability to use specially-named wiki pages to supplemental information about branches, tags, and/or checkins. (check-in: dcf93d03 user: drh tags: describe-objects-using-wiki)
Do not show cherrypick merge links in the context for the /ci_tags page. (check-in: 758029a8 user: drh tags: trunk)