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50 most recent timeline items

[d1a6222e] Leaf: Bring the change log up-to-date with the latest enhancements. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[814dfd5a] Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.16.0 alpha for testing. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[68288686] Fix warning when compiling with gcc on Windows (Microsoft's fprintf does't know %lld) (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[8b03934e] Leaf: Update to SQLite 3.15.2 (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: branch-1.36)
[6f3ec1be] Still more documentation tweaks. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[2b087b7d] Fix a link to the download page on the homepage. Fix a typo in the documentation page. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[2d9cba2a] Fix executable flags, unintentionally changed in previous commit. (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[eb9b2317] Get the "fossil all ui" command working on Cygwin where the global_config table has "repo:" entries containing the windows drive letter (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[25758c7b] Get the "fossil all ui" command working on windows systems where the global_config table has "repo:" entries that omit the drive letter. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[239b4c13] Add support for the "fossil all ui" and "fossil all server" commands. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[226a0990] Closed-Leaf: Fix the "fossil all ui" logic so that it still works for directory listings inside of chroot jails. (user: drh, tags: all-ui)
[8e4b8ba0] A cleaner way of dealing with the --baseurl problem. (user: drh, tags: all-ui)
15:38 • Edit [98e9fd735211c578|98e9fd73]: Move to branch all-ui. (user: drh)
[da1c769c] Fix the "fossil all ui" command so that it works on Windows. But also comment out some very confused logic in process_on_web_page() that is associated with "--baseurl" option. This logic needs to be fixed prior to merging with trunk. (user: drh, tags: all-ui)
[98e9fd73] Add the "fossil all ui" and "fossil all server" commands. (user: drh, tags: all-ui)
[4636b4b3] Add the test-database-names command. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[4896c0b7] Minor correction to documentation of new /file webpage regarding multiple highlighted line blocks. (user: andybradford, tags: trunk)
[4946efef] Make the "Line Numbers" submenu element on the /artifact and /file pages a check-box. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[3cca4c25] Further enhancements to the new /file webpage. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[d95f712f] New /file page that works like /artifact except takes a filename as an argument instead of a SHA1 hash of an artifact, and resolves to the most recent version of any file with that name. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[b9da89a4] Fix the "fossil all add" command so that it works even if repos that are already known are added. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
22:27 • Edit [9807a05d8a815a3d|9807a05d]: Mark "Closed". (user: drh)
[31ae6022] Update the built-in SQLite to 3.16.0 alpha for testing. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[5347e263] Restore the -R option to the "fossil setting" command. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
21:57 • Edit [3cf8891e9d000e02|3cf8891e]: Add propagating "hidden". Mark "Closed". Edit check-in comment. (user: andybradford)
[9807a05d] Closed-Leaf: Draft fix for 'settings' command issue when using the '-R' option. (user: mistachkin, tags: settingRFix)
[d6cb724e] minor simplification, and don't free zUuid if it was NULL (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
[4e126233] Avoid comparing a variable to NULL after the memory it is pointing to has been freed. This is harmless, as implemented, but it is technically undefined behavior in C. (This is a bug in the specification of the C language, imho.) (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[b302f893] Leaf: Correct issue with open/closed tags by changing the closed column to a quasi-aggregate query, i.e. one which is a function of the argument to GROUP BY and not anything which varies within the group. This gives consistent results with the baseline branch ls command, but it introduces a MAJOR performance regression. Listing closed tags goes from 0.033s in the baseline to 1.882s, i.e. it takes 56 times longer. (user: andygoth, tags: andygoth-branch-list)
[4e7d2ce1] Remove min() from closed expression. It doesn't solve the problem, and it confuses analysis of the issue. (user: andygoth, tags: andygoth-branch-list)
[467c4269] Remove some unnecessary spaces. (user: jan.nijtmans, tags: trunk)
23:20 • Edit [a6a4482056851df4|a6a44820]: Edit check-in comment. (user: andygoth)
[a6a44820] Begin work merging new_brlist_page() into brlist_page().    Annoyance: The new open/closed checkboxes don't quite work the way I want them to work. Deselecting both has the effect of selecting both. This makes sense in that if neither the open nor closed query parameters are given, everything should be displayed, rather than nothing. Yet, the user interface would be nicer if deselecting the only selected checkbox causes the other checkbox to be selected. This can't be done with straight HTML because deselecting the checkbox removes it from the query string, and the server does not know which checkbox was deselected so it cannot force the other one to become selected. As far as I know, JavaScript is required.    Bug: Non-aggregate HAVING clause expressions are evaluated on an arbitrarily chosen row within each group. This breaks closed and open filtering for the command-line branch command and the new checkboxes. But shouldn't this also break non-aggregate result expressions?    Wish: Filter on normal/hidden branches too.    Wish: If a merged-to branch is hidden, don't show it in the resolution column, instead show something else. The latest merged-to? The earliest merged-to?    Wish: Branch name filters, just like on the timeline page. (user: andygoth, tags: andygoth-branch-list)
[03b68698] Enable linenoise multiline editing so long commands and queries may be seen all at once therefore highlighted and copied from xterms (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[9c90682b] Only #include "linenoise.h" in fshell.c on non-Windows platforms (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[286effd5] Change the /test-version webpage into /version. Link it to /stat. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[01d1f519] Fix a typo in the date of the 1.34 release on the download page. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
23:41 • Edit [b59fa7d0e731502f|b59fa7d0]: Edit check-in comment. (user: andygoth)
[b59fa7d0] Allow uv delete (or del) as an alias for uv remove or uv rm. See (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[f9080683] Fix revert -r option to mark a reverted file as edited if the reverted-to version does not exactly match the checkout version, even if the file size is equal (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[f10a284a] Make changing to a symlink take priority over all other change types. This might also be a solution to the problem fixed by the previous commit, but it also avoids having a file that becomes a symlink (with target string length not equal to former file size) being marked as an ordinary edit. (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[43140feb] Don't rely on vfile.islink to tell whether or not a file is currently a symlink for the purpose of avoiding calling file_contains_merge_marker(). It is possible for a file to have become a symlink since the last commit. If the link target's string length is not equal to the former file size, vfile_check_signature() will treat it as a normal change and not mark it as chnged==8 (SYMLINK), so execution can fall through to the undesirable call to file_contains_merge_marker(). (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[0dea016d] Avoid listing added files when running "fossil changes -edited" (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[57fea315] Closed-Leaf: Change the /test-version webpage into a supported /version webpage. Add a link from /stat. (user: drh, tags: stat-update)
[42d6c86f] Add script to automate updating common command list in man page, and use it to update the man page (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[def9af43] Fix timeline -n 0 to display an unlimited number of lines (rather than zero) to match documentation. Correct timeline -n for negative N documentation to match actual behavior. Limit compute_ancestors() and compute_descendants() on the assumption that there is no more than one entry per line. (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)
[3eeab4a5] Move the revert in test case to the correct sequence to avoid a merge conflict. (user: andybradford, tags: trunk)
[6a5f0c5b] Add test case to handle file add and rename before merging to trunk. Make test_setup return the repository path so it can be used in the test. (user: andybradford, tags: trunk)
04:24 • Edit [e7192bb975d00e3b|e7192bb9]: Edit check-in comment. (user: andygoth)
[e7192bb9] Make artifact|whatis page use local time to match the timeline. Otherwise clicking on date/time links finds the wrong check-in in the timeline. May wish to convert other calls to datetime() to use local time. (user: andygoth, tags: trunk)