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6.1 hours ago RFC about "potentially divisive" but "necessary" addition to style.css handling 44 posts spanning 12.2 days
9.1 hours ago Temporary test repo set up for the /fileedit page 92 posts spanning 15.7 days
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9.2 hours ago Format of skin export file, or import skin from directory 2 posts spanning 1.9 hours
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17.1 hours ago Fossil sql: setting .separator has no effect (defaults to comma) 9 posts spanning 2.1 hours
17.3 hours ago Incrementally exporting a Fossil repository to an existing Git repository 5 posts spanning 2.1 hours
17.5 hours ago git export changes time by one second? 15 posts spanning 2.0 days
18.2 hours ago Table styling in stock skin no replies
19.6 hours ago Posts edited by others show editor's name in place of author's name 2 posts spanning 53.6 minutes
20.3 hours ago Possible to Support Zstandard? 9 posts spanning 3.9 hours
21.4 hours ago Post sanitization not catching still-open code tags 2 posts spanning 7.1 minutes
23.9 hours ago Fossil cookie not keeping timeline view? 3 posts spanning 16.9 hours
25.0 hours ago Fixes for a couple of cosmetic issues no replies
27.4 hours ago Pencils up: ready for merge into 2.12 4 posts spanning 2.1 days
1.6 days ago "UUID" in docs 12 posts spanning 9.0 days
1.6 days ago %.40s in src/info.c 2 posts spanning 23.5 minutes
1.6 days ago make install problems 2 posts spanning 29.0 minutes
1.7 days ago Fossil forum post is "Deleted" when no title is given no replies
1.7 days ago Important bug fix in Fossil SSL processing 8 posts spanning 30.1 days
1.8 days ago Time to update for new release 2 posts spanning 7.6 minutes
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