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17.6 days ago "commit" behaves counterintuitively when provided a glob, which includes an empty sub-directory (proposed patch included) 8 posts spanning 4.8 hours
17.7 days ago Merge misses files no replies
18.6 days ago "Database is locked" from fossil up on slow connection 4 posts spanning 2.48 years
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24.0 days ago Successfully cloned massive NetBSD src fossil repository with resume 9 posts spanning 133.0 days
24.7 days ago Proposal: (non-standard) markdown admonitions 2 posts spanning 30.5 minutes
24.8 days ago "mv" command is also affected by the file system case-insensitivity issue no replies
25.7 days ago Problem creating tag in web interface (edit: Never mind) 7 posts spanning 1.8 hours
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26.8 days ago Is Git irreplaceable? 46 posts spanning 4.76 years
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