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8.9 days ago Proposal: markdown task list 9 posts spanning 70.0 days
9.9 days ago Repository name not added to inline images in markdown 4 posts spanning 12.0 days
12.2 days ago Minor Fixes to FAQ 2 posts spanning 3.5 hours
12.7 days ago Git Round-Trip Note in ‘Fossil-NG Page’ Compared to ‘Import And Export’ Page 3 posts spanning 23.9 hours
13.2 days ago Additional tables in the repository 3 posts spanning 2.3 hours
13.2 days ago Configuring Web Pages 2 posts spanning 6.1 hours
14.8 days ago Missing `%h(zIp)` on `/artifact/` & `/info/` pages. Possibly info.c or me. 3 posts spanning 16.8 hours
16.3 days ago Add the New wiki button to the Search WIKI page 2 posts spanning 44.1 days
18.3 days ago importing huge git repo is ok, but the same SVN repo triggers OOM 12 posts spanning 17.6 hours
18.5 days ago Leaving a Recognizable and Useful Trail, aka Release, Version 9 posts spanning 11.8 days
25.2 days ago segfault on SVN import 7 posts spanning 6.8 hours
25.7 days ago Adding ‘img/jp2’ MIME Type 3 posts spanning 4.7 hours
29.1 days ago Using Branches With Different File Trees 6 posts spanning 2.5 hours
30.3 days ago importing a fork from git 13 posts spanning 66.5 days
30.7 days ago Proposal: add more markdown emphasis chars 5 posts spanning 48.2 days
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