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3.5 hours ago Upgrading fossil binary - web interface footer still shows old version 4 posts spanning 18.2 hours
21.6 hours ago File Support 11 posts spanning 33.5 hours
22.1 hours ago Building an update checker for fossil-hosted projects? I.e. are /taglist html classes stable? 17 posts spanning 2.1 days
34.8 hours ago Repository sizes - experience reports appreciated 27 posts spanning 249.6 days
1.5 days ago Feature request: have forum username be a link to show all posts 13 posts spanning 32.6 days
3.0 days ago Split out a slice of one Fossil repo to create a new Fossil repo 22 posts spanning 155.1 days
3.5 days ago Is there a way to save and have Fossil use a preferred markup style? 7 posts spanning 9.1 hours
3.6 days ago Multiple repos - multiple passwords - best practices? 6 posts spanning 30.5 hours
3.7 days ago Two documentation enhancements 5 posts spanning 1.7 days
4.8 days ago Bug in UI timeline - tagged with unix timestamp 4 posts spanning 3.1 hours
7.7 days ago Can this be done with Fossil? 5 posts spanning 21.7 hours
10.0 days ago Feature request: add 2nd Filter to Timeline UI view 27 posts spanning 15.5 days
10.0 days ago Missing lines in the timeline 3 posts spanning 75.3 minutes
10.0 days ago Markdown Frontmatter: Interprete or at Least Ignore no replies
10.8 days ago Feature request: summarize file changes in vdiff 3 posts spanning 2.9 hours
10.9 days ago Confusing "not a valid repository" message 10 posts spanning 27.8 hours
11.0 days ago Reducing disk writes 7 posts spanning 18.1 hours
11.5 days ago fossil server fires "bad request" after update 6 posts spanning 14.5 hours
14.0 days ago merge cherrypick a single file from a checkin !? 7 posts spanning 30.2 hours
14.2 days ago Unresolved RID values, why? 18 posts spanning 35.2 hours
14.9 days ago Branch vdiff-context-glob same color as brlist-timeline 5 posts spanning 50.4 minutes
17.7 days ago Feature request: "leaf" version identifier 17 posts spanning 27.2 hours
17.9 days ago Spaces in commandline e.g. gdiff create error 2 posts spanning 11.5 hours
18.7 days ago Bug: Merge behavior is inconsistent when file has a rename in its history 11 posts spanning 8.1 days
19.0 days ago Illegal instruction running raspi fossil build on 2B 3 posts spanning 3.1 hours
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