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8.8 hours ago Bug: Merge behavior is inconsistent when file has a rename in its history 2 posts spanning 5.9 hours
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4.1 days ago Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes! 11 posts spanning 1.7 days
5.5 days ago Bundle config table allows duplicate keys: feature or bug? 3 posts spanning 7.5 hours
5.9 days ago RFC: A tiny amendment to the submenu of the /rptview page 7 posts spanning 16.3 days
6.9 days ago Stash test failures 7 posts spanning 21.4 days
7.6 days ago Feature request: have forum username be a link to show all posts 10 posts spanning 6.6 hours
7.6 days ago Chat - posts from user nobody will cause segfaults 9 posts spanning 23.2 hours
7.7 days ago Fossil doesn't want to merge most recent changes between branches 6 posts spanning 62.1 days
7.8 days ago Documentation unclear how to start a new project from scratch 9 posts spanning 10.7 hours
7.9 days ago All tickets list with dark mode skin has bad contrast 3 posts spanning 11.8 days
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8.8 days ago An HTML comment in a Markdown file is visible in some cases 8 posts spanning 3.8 days
8.9 days ago How to Know the file encoding of an artifact? 9 posts spanning 2.3 days
9.1 days ago git's commit workflow is backwards, and encourages bad habits 4 posts spanning 7.4 days
10.3 days ago A deeper look into tweaking of ticketing subsystem (and some issues discovered) 2 posts spanning 11.7 hours
11.2 days ago "bt" equivalent of timeline cli command 2 posts spanning 73.0 minutes
11.5 days ago A Question About Fossil Wiki Search Engine Output Format 4 posts spanning 11.5 hours
11.5 days ago VCS for law acts 12 posts spanning 111.2 days
11.9 days ago cgi extension: IndieAuth (OAuth endpoint) with fossil logins 5 posts spanning 9.2 hours
12.1 days ago `fossil sql` returns nothing in CGI script 7 posts spanning 58.8 days
12.8 days ago Status of "make test" 13 posts spanning 5.4 days
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