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Markdown formatting bug when a list entry contains multiple backticked words
Here's a weird markdown rendering bug for someone familiar with those bits...

Note the formatting of the first word in each bullet point, each of which has identical style markup:


- **`uuid`**: the hash code of the blob's contents.
- **`rid`**: a unique integer key for this record. This is how the blob
  table is mapped to other (transient) tables, but the RIDs are
  specific to one given copy of a repository and must not be used for
  cross-repository referencing. The RID is a private/internal
  value of no use to a user unless they're building SQL queries for use
  with the fossil db schema.
- **`size`**: the size, in bytes, of the blob's contents, or -1 for
  "phantom" blobs (those which fossil knows should exist because it's
  seen them referenced somewhere, but for which it has not been given
  any content).
- **`content`**: the blob's raw content bytes, with the caveat that
  fossil is free to store it in an "alternate representation."
  Specifically, the `content` field often holds a zlib-compressed
  delta from a previous version of the blob's content (a separate
  entry in the `blob` table), and an auxiliary table named `delta`
  maps such blobs to their previous versions, such that fossil can
  reconstruct the real content from them by applying the delta to its
  previous version (and such deltas may be chained). Thus extraction
  of the content from this field cannot be performed via vanilla SQL,
  and requires a fossil-specific function which knows how to convert
  any internal representations of the content to its original form.


Specifically: the 4th bullet point's **bold** markers are not consumed as markup, and are instead left in place.

The trigger for this appears to be the subsequent backticked words in the 4th list point. If those backticks are removed, it renders as expected. Similarly, adding backticks to words in the other list entries causes them to mis-render in the same way.