Markdown Link-test

This document exist solely as a test for some of the hyperlinking capabilities of Markdown as implemented by Fossil.

Relative-Path Links

The Magic $ROOT Path Prefix

In text of the form href="$ROOT/..." in the HTML that markdown generates, the $ROOT is replaced by the complete URI for the root of the document tree. Note that the $ROOT translation only occurs within the <a href="..."> element, not within the text of the hyperlink. So you should see the $ROOT text on this page, but if you mouse-over the hyperlink the $ROOT value should have been expanded to the actual document root.

The $ROOT prefix on markdown links is superfluous. The same link works without the $ROOT prefix. (Though: the $ROOT prefix is required for HTML documents.)

The Magic $CURRENT Document Version Translation

In URI text of the form .../doc/$CURRENT/... the $CURRENT value is converted to the version number of the document currently being displayed. This conversion happens after translation into HTML and only occurs on href='...' attributes so it does not occur for plain text.

Both the $ROOT and the $CURRENT conversions can occur on the same link.

The translations must be contained within HTML markup in order to work. They do not work for ordinary text that appears to be an href= attribute.