Extending Fossil's Wiki

Creole Parser

A creole branch has been started by user Robert to:

  1. Develop a Creole 1.0 compatible wiki parser.
  2. Explore wiki parser options.
  3. Develop a standard interface for providing parser extensions.

A live demo of this branch is available here and a linux binary (for testing only) of the creole branch can be fournd here.

Two macros are used to switch between creole markup and standard fossil markup: <<creole>> and <<fossil>>. Fossil wiki ignores <<fossil>>, but the creole parser uses it to switch back to fossil.

The 'append to wiki page function' uses this to ensure that any extensions are closed and the fossil wiki parser is back in charge before making any additions. <<creole>> can be used in the added text to get creole markup.

At the moment the <<creole>> markup can only be included while editing or appending to wiki pages, not for Tickets.

Other Suggested Wiki 'Enhancements'

1. Hierarchical namespaces for wiki pages

This is not as drastic as it sounds, the wiki pages could still be a flat table as they are now but their name would be interpreted to provide the illusion of a hierarchy.

  1. page names ending in '/' would be banned.
  2. In page listings, page names would be split on '/' and displayed as lists of lists
  3. When a link such as ./test1 is encountered it will be converted into the full name of the current page with /test1 appended.

2. Colorized code macro

A <<code>> / <<code>> macro could be used to wrap code in such a way that the code can easily be colorized with a javascript colorizer as per Cookbook:SourceHighlight. The trick here is to make sure that the code displays reasonably if no javascript is availiable.
On 2009-09-24 04:49:00 UTC anonymous (claiming to be Jayschwa) added:
I do not necessarily oppose a macro to change markup schemes, but I think it would be better if the markup scheme was a project-wide setting. Ideally, a modular backend would support multiple, popular markup schemes and one could be set as the default. An option to change the default scheme would be available on the config page that is presented on first run.

Admittedly, I became very frustrated the first time I worked with a Fossil wiki because the syntax was unfamiliar. I support the addition of a Creole parser and any other commonly-used markup scheme.