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Artifact [d2a4deb1]

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@echo off
rem The following script was provided by Ross Berteig. Thanks!

rem Run this in an empty folder where it is safe to create and use a
rem fossil repository.
fossil new abc.fossil
fossil open abc.fossil
mkdir A
cd A
echo a >a.txt
echo c >c.txt
echo e >e.txt
echo g >g.txt
echo i >i.txt
fossil add *
fossil ci --no-warnings -m "Uppercase A" --tag "UPPERCASE"
cd ..

rem Rename "A" to "a" via an intermediate name since batch files
rem apparently can't do that in one step.
move A b
move b a

rem Attempt to simply tell fossil about the name change. This fails.
fossil rename A a

cd a
echo b >b.txt
echo d >d.txt
echo f >f.txt
echo h >h.txt
echo i >i.txt

fossil add *
fossil ci --no-warnings -m "Lowercase A" --tag "lowercase"
cd ..

echo Note that both "A" and "a" are present
fossil ls

echo Now look at the Timeline and Files pages
fossil ui