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Some operations simply don't fit into a specific category (well, none except "misc")...

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Global State ("g")

Fossil's internal state is maintained in a global object called "g". And thus this command is named "g"...

Status: implemented 20111009

Required permissions: "a" or "s"

Request: /json/g

Response payload example: this is a debugging-only request, and has no stable response payload structure. The result object contains all kinds of details gleaned from the fossil environment.

Easter egg: this output can be added to ANY response by passing the debugFossilG boolean in the POST envelope or GET parameters, or as the --json-debug-g flag in CLI mode. This requires admin or setup privileges, though, and it is silently ignored for other users.

Rebuild Repository

This request does the same as the "fossil rebuild" command, rebuilding the repo-internal structure. This is often required after upgrading the fossil binary on a system. There "are very probably" cases where calling this over HTTP will not work (e.g. if the user table has changed enough that the access rights cannot be validated without a rebuild, i.e. a chicken/egg scenario). Another consideration is that this request can take a long time to run - rebuilding the fossil repo on my laptop takes about 21 seconds, which is likely longer than the timeout set on an XHR request, meaning that the rebuild transaction will fail. It can safely be run in CLI mode, where timeouts are not normally a concern. As a preliminary benchmark: rebuilding the fossil repo (as of late 2011) takes just over 21 seconds on my 32-bit 1.6GHz netbook. That said, most repos are much smaller and rebuild in under a few seconds.

Status: implemented 20110929

Required privileges: "a"

Request: /json/rebuild

Requires admin access rights.

Response payload: none (response envelope resultCode reports failure). Potential TODO: return the amount of time it took to rebuild.

Result Code Descriptions

This request returns the full list of result codes documented for Fossil's JSON API. Each result code is returned as an object containing metadata about the result code.

Status: implemented 20111006

Required permissions: none

Request: /json/resultCodes

Response payload example:

  "description":"Generic error"
 … many more objects with the same structure …