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  1. Document: Compiling and Installing Fossil
    ... ls -la extsrc/pikchr.{js,wasm} -rw-rw-r-- 1 stephan stephan 17263 Jun 8 03:59 extsrc/pikchr.js -rw-rw-r-- 1 stephan stephan 97578 Jun 8 03:59 extsrc/pikchr.wasm Sidebar ... (2023-05-10)

  2. Document: How To Create A New Fossil Repository
    ... a working directory and then cd to it: stephan@ludo:~/fossil$ mkdir demo stephan@ludo:~/fossil$ cd demo stephan@ludo:~/fossil/demo$ fossil open ../demo.fossil stephan@ludo:~/fossil/demo$ That creates a file called ... (2023-05-10)

  3. Document: What People Are Saying
    ... total, lost more data to git (while following the instructions!!!) than any other single piece of software. Stephan Beal on the Fossil mailing list 2014-09-01. If programmers _really_ wanted to help scientists, they ... (2023-05-10)

  4. Document: Reviews
    ... fact and shared-by-default branches are good features. Also not having a misanthropic command line interface. Stephan Beal writes on 2009-01-11: Sometime in late 2007 I came across a link to fossil ... (2022-10-04)

  5. Document: Delta Manifests
    ... 6d8354c693120a48cfe4798812cd24499be174b2 <15 F-cards snipped for brevity> F src/repo.c 2f224cb0e59ccd90ba89c597e40b8e8d87506638 P 61d3e64e6fb1a93d4a7b0182e4c6b94d178d66d9 R a84ec2e8e1eb37ff0d94cac262795e23 U stephan Z 536e6d26dd8dbe2779d9e5f52a15518e The B-card names another manifest, by its unique ID, the same way that a ... (2021-03-13)

  6. Document: JSON API: /status
    ... analog to the "fossil status" command. Request Options: currently none. Payload example: { ?repository?:?/home/stephan/cvs/fossil/fossil.fsl?, ?localRoot?:?/home/stephan/cvs/fossil/fossil/?, ?checkout?:{ ?uuid?:?b38bb4f9bd27d0347b62ecfac63c4b8f57b5c93b?, ?tags?:[?trunk?], ?datetime?:?2013-02-22 17 ... (2021-02-26)

  7. Document: JSON API: /user
    ... name=USERNAME /json/user/get?name=USERNAME Response payload example: { ?uid?:1, ?name?:?stephan?, ?capabilities?:?abcdefhgijkmnopqrstuvwxz?, ?info?:?, ?timestamp?:1316122562 } (What does that timestamp field represent, anyway?) List Users Status: implemented ... (2021-02-26)

  8. Document: JSON API: /artifact
    ... parent file blob. Not set for first generation.?, ?checkins?:[{ ?name?:?src/json_detail.h?, ?timestamp?:1319058803, ?comment?:?...?, ?user?:?stephan?, ?checkin?:?d2c1ae23a90b24f6ca1d7637193a59d5ecf3e680?, ?branch?:?json?, ?state?:?added|modified|removed? }, ...], /* The following ?content? properties are only set if format ... (2021-02-26)

  9. Document: JSON API: /timeline
    ... returned */ ?timeline?:[{ ?uuid?:?be700e84336941ef1bcd08d676310b75b9070f43?, ?timestamp?:1317094090, ?comment?:?Added /json/timeline/ci showFiles to ajax test page.?, ?user?:?stephan?, ?isLeaf?:true, ?bgColor?:null, /* not quite sure why this is null? */ ?type?:?ci?, ?parents?: [?primary parent hash ... (2021-02-26)

  10. Document: JSON API Introduction
    ... 2011, Fossil contributor Stephan Beal had the great pleasure of meeting D. Richard Hipp, Fossil's author, for lunch in Munich, Germany. During the conversation Richard asked, "what does Fossil need next?" Stephan's first ... (2021-02-26)