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  1. Document: What People Are Saying
    ... total, lost more data to git (while following the instructions!!!) than any other single piece of software. Stephan Beal on the Fossil mailing list 2014-09-01. If programmers _really_ wanted to help scientists, they ... (2024-02-10)

  2. Document: Compiling and Installing Fossil
    ... Running make wasm will, if the build is set up for the emsdk, recompile those: $ make wasm ./tools/ -o extsrc/pikchr.js ... $ ls -la extsrc/pikchr.{js,wasm} -rw-rw-r-- 1 stephan ... (2024-02-10)

  3. Document: Reviews
    ... fact and shared-by-default branches are good features. Also not having a misanthropic command line interface. Stephan Beal writes on 2009-01-11: Sometime in late 2007 I came across a link to fossil ... (2024-02-10)

  4. Document: Delta Manifests
    ... D 2021-03-11T18:56:24.686 F bindings/s2/shell_extend.c 6d8354c693120a48cfe4798812cd24499be174b2 <15 F-cards snipped for brevity> F src/repo.c 2f224cb0e59ccd90ba89c597e40b8e8d87506638 P 61d3e64e6fb1a93d4a7b0182e4c6b94d178d66d9 R a84ec2e8e1eb37ff0d94cac262795e23 U stephan Z 536e6d26dd8dbe2779d9e5f52a15518e The B ... (2024-02-10)

  5. Document: How To Create A New Fossil Repository
    ... create a fossil repository file: $ fossil new demo.fossil project-id: 9d8ccff5671796ee04e60af6932aa7788f0a990a server-id: 145fe7d71e3b513ac37ac283979d73e12ca04bfe admin-user: stephan (initial password is ******) The numbers it spits out are unimportant (they are version numbers). Now we have ... (2024-02-10)

  6. Document: JSON API: /user
    ... POST /json/user/get with /json/user/get?name=USERNAME Response payload example: { ?uid?:1, ?name?:?stephan?, ?capabilities?:?abcdefhgijkmnopqrstuvwxz?, ?info?:?, ?timestamp?:1316122562 } (What does that timestamp ... (2024-01-09)

  7. Document: JSON API: /artifact
    ... Not set for first generation.?, ?checkins?:[{ ?name?:?src/json_detail.h?, ?timestamp?:1319058803, ?comment?:?...?, ?user?:?stephan?, ?checkin?:?d2c1ae23a90b24f6ca1d7637193a59d5ecf3e680?, ?branch?:?json?, ?state?:?added|modified|removed? }, ...], /* The following ?content? properties are only set if format=raw|html ... (2024-01-09)

  8. Document: JSON API: /timeline
    ... number, /* if not set, all records are returned */ ?timeline?:[{ ?uuid?:?be700e84336941ef1bcd08d676310b75b9070f43?, ?timestamp?:1317094090, ?comment?:?Added /json/timeline/ci showFiles to ajax test page.?, ?user?:?stephan?, ?isLeaf?:true, ?bgColor?:null, /* not quite sure why this is ... (2024-01-09)

  9. Document: JSON API Introduction
    ... Why? Building JSON Support Goals & Non-goals Potential Client-side Uses Technical Problems and Considerations Why? In September, 2011, Fossil contributor Stephan Beal had the great pleasure of meeting D. Richard Hipp, Fossil's author ... (2024-01-09)

  10. Document: JSON API: /status
    ... Payload example: { ?repository?:?/home/stephan/cvs/fossil/fossil.fsl?, ?localRoot?:?/home/stephan/cvs/fossil/fossil/?, ?checkout?:{ ?uuid?:?b38bb4f9bd27d0347b62ecfac63c4b8f57b5c93b?, ?tags?:[?trunk?], ?datetime?:?2013-02-22 17:34:19 UTC?, ?timestamp?:1361554459 }, /* ?parent? info is currently missing ... (2024-01-09)