Help: ls

Help: ls

The "ls" command:

Usage: fossil ls ?OPTIONS? ?PATHS ...?

List all files in the current check-out. If PATHS is included, only the named files (or their children if directories) are shown.

The ls command is essentially two related commands in one, depending on whether or not the -r option is given. -r selects a specific check-in version to list, in which case -R can be used to select the repository. The fine behavior of the --age, -v, and -t options is altered by the -r option as well, as explained below.

The --age option displays file commit times. Like -r, --age has the side effect of making -t sort by commit time, not modification time.

The -v option provides extra information about each file. Without -r, -v displays the change status, in the manner of the changes command. With -r, -v shows the commit time and size of the checked-in files.

The -t option changes the sort order. Without -t, files are sorted by path and name (case insensitive sort if -r). If neither --age nor -r are used, -t sorts by modification time, otherwise by commit time.


Show when each file was committed
With -v, verify file status using hashing rather than relying on file sizes and mtimes
The specific check-in to list
-R|--repository REPO
Extract info from repository REPO
Sort output in time order
Tree format
Provide extra information about each file

See also: changes, extras, status, tree