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Increase the version number to 2.12.1. ... (check-in: 32646b27 user: drh tags: branch-2.12)
It turns out we already have, with similar aims, so now it's a matter of integrating this doc into that one. ... (check-in: 2e131efc user: stephan tags: js-policy-doc)
Fixed a poorly-placed wordwrap which looked like a new list entry to markup. ... (check-in: 571bf459 user: stephan tags: js-policy-doc)
Initial draft of a project policy doc explaining and justifying its use of JavaScript. ... (check-in: 93e4561b user: stephan tags: js-policy-doc)
03:11 New ticket [5a6e9dde] "fossil mv -hard" loses the execute bit. ... (artifact: 3ae5fb2d user: andygoth)
03:08 Fixed ticket [95ce0e53]: Blank cells in markdown tables are ignored plus 2 other changes ... (artifact: 121f7f6a user: andygoth)
03:07 New ticket [5eac41b3] Spurious "multiple open leaf check-ins" warning. ... (artifact: 43f71792 user: andygoth)
03:05 Ticket [95ce0e53] Blank cells in markdown tables are ignored status still Open with 5 other changes ... (artifact: 3e16c131 user: andygoth)
Restore blank cell capability, fixes [95ce0e53] ... (check-in: dc94ebc2 user: andygoth tags: trunk)
01:27 Ticket [95ce0e53] Blank cells in markdown tables are ignored status still Open with 6 other changes ... (artifact: aebae5e0 user: andygoth) ... 1 similar event omitted.
Cherrypick key fixes from the sec2020 branch in order to devise a minimal patch to get us to version 2.12.1. ... (check-in: fe1264d3 user: drh tags: sec2020-2.12-patch)
Make a few tweaks to the Ardoise skin. See for branch discussion. ... (check-in: 535f4eb8 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-ardoise-tweaks)
00:25 Edit [af383a7b3d237ed3|af383a7b]: Move to branch branch-2.12. ... (artifact: cc585b1a user: drh)
00:19 Fixed ticket [56b82836]: RCE by exploting unchecked content of the ticket-table setting plus 5 other changes ... (artifact: 45fcaaa1 user: drh)
00:18 Fixed ticket [f9831fde]: Arbitrary file overwrite using symlinks plus 4 other changes ... (artifact: d80591cb user: drh)
Do not allow the "fossil add" command to add files beneath a symlink. ... (check-in: a6abfb91 user: drh tags: sec2020)
An alternative method for dealing with historical files named "_FOSSIL_" in the tree: Simply pretend they are not there. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 8f24c079 user: drh tags: ignore-reserved-filenames)
Line numbering forum feedback: removed toast message, replaced vague 'lines X-Y' label with 'Copy link to lines X-Y', removed udc=xxx from the generated URL. ... (check-in: 7c98df41 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Cherrypick [d2d8894bb2]: is now also sandboxed - no longer nuking all state for all repos on the same origin. ... (check-in: d0988e67 user: stephan tags: branch-2.12)
21:01 is now also sandboxed - no longer nuking all state for all repos on the same origin. ... (check-in: d2d8894b user: stephan tags: trunk)
Silently refuse to "fossil add" files that use reserved names. ... (check-in: 888da94e user: drh tags: sec2020)
Merged in [923affb930a27b], which reinstates localStorage but sandboxes access to on a per-repo basis. ... (check-in: 21fbd473 user: stephan tags: branch-2.12)
Re-enabled localStorage for but enhanced it to sandbox the keys used by the apps on a per-repo basis, so there is no longer any (immediately visible) cross-repo polution. The underlying localStorage/sessionStorage is still shared per origin/browser profile instance, but clients will only see the state from their own repo. ... (check-in: 923affb9 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Improved error message and response when trying to manifest a check-out that contains a file beneath a symbolic link directory. ... (check-in: 20d90dd4 user: drh tags: sec2020)
Add a security audit warning if the strict-manifest-syntax flag is switched off. ... (check-in: 3105bedf user: drh tags: sec2020)
19:49 Edit [1e34705ed8a38f68|1e34705e]: Mark "Closed". ... (artifact: ee8105d1 user: drh)
Rework the "permissive-manifest-parser" idea to be simpler and to call it "strict-manifest-syntax". ... (check-in: 4df8c856 user: drh tags: sec2020)
19:48 Edit [9e59cf18fccd0ea0|9e59cf18]: Move to branch sec2020-deadend. ... (artifact: a45df945 user: drh)
Updated changelog and index for 2.12.1, with a tentative release date of Aug. 19th (that's tomorrow in 3 hours, CET). ... (check-in: c8e8ab9c user: stephan tags: branch-2.12)
Backported in [5b9a4c90594d8ea6], as explained in detail at ... (check-in: af383a7b user: stephan tags: branch-2.12)
Disabled localStorage as a backend option for the JS API after it was painfully discovered that multiple repos on the same hoster actually share that storage, as opposed to it being achored at the repo. That API now uses sessionStorage, if available, before falling back to transient instance-local storage. ... (check-in: 5b9a4c90 user: stephan tags: trunk)
permissive-manifest-parser setting is now marked as sensitive to keep an attacker from turning it on. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 1e34705e user: stephan tags: sec2020-deadend)
Added and applied permissive-manifest-parser setting to permit parsing of manifests which have F-cards containing now-illegal names. Required for rebuild of historical data and support of repositories we now know to contain such files. ... (check-in: 9e59cf18 user: stephan tags: sec2020-deadend)
14:03 Edit [ae9a9db55314ac79|ae9a9db5]: Edit check-in comment. ... (artifact: 22816172 user: drh)
Merge in the latest trunk changes. ... (check-in: 917917aa user: drh tags: sec2020)
Allow <del> and <ins> markup in wiki and in markdown. ... (check-in: ae9a9db5 user: drh tags: trunk)
Make -f an alias for --force on "fossil open". ... (check-in: 17c244de user: drh tags: trunk)
More missing db_unprotect() calls. ... (check-in: 06d3789a user: drh tags: sec2020)
When writing files to disk for a check-out, refuse to write through a symbolic link to a directory. Ticket [f9831fdef1d4edcc]. ... (check-in: a64e384f user: drh tags: sec2020)
08:43 Changes to wiki page "To Do List" ... (artifact: 8cc29050 user: drh)
More missing calls to db_unprotect(). ... (check-in: 3ced48bd user: drh tags: sec2020)
Yet another missed db_unprotect() call. ... (check-in: 2041072e user: drh tags: sec2020)
Fix missing enable of global_config in the "fossil all" command. ... (check-in: 16ec693d user: drh tags: sec2020)
Disable writes the CONFIG and USER tables by default. Permission to write to those tables is turned on as needed. Note - might have missed a few places so expect bugs. ... (check-in: ca9156aa user: drh tags: sec2020)
Add more tests. ... (check-in: 92704d1c user: mistachkin tags: sec2020)
Simplify error message. ... (check-in: 1bb0b3a8 user: mistachkin tags: sec2020)
Fixes for reserved names case sensitivity, coding style adjustments, more tests. ... (check-in: fde20bc0 user: mistachkin tags: sec2020)
Reduced the line-number-mode font size back to normal. ... (check-in: a703b4ce user: stephan tags: trunk)
A couple minor skin doc typos. ... (check-in: 9e871e0d user: stephan tags: trunk)
Add tests for the reserved names. ... (check-in: df720b28 user: mistachkin tags: sec2020)
Identify security-sensitive settings. ... (check-in: 3bccd7ff user: drh tags: sec2020)
Every database connection now has a default authorizer, which calls out to an operation-specific authorizer if needed. ... (check-in: f98ef3c1 user: drh tags: sec2020)
19:46 Closed ticket [980a72de]: RCE using a fake _FOSSIL_ file in a repository plus 4 other changes ... (artifact: ef08ac1e user: stephan)
19:03 Ticket [f9831fde] Arbitrary file overwrite using symlinks status still Open with 5 other changes ... (artifact: efa1c51e user: drh)
Enhance the db_prepare() and db_static_prepare() utility routines so that they throw an error if handed more than one SQL statement. This might help prevent SQL injection attacks. ... (check-in: be0d95ad user: drh tags: sec2020)
Merge in reject-ckout-db branch. ... (check-in: 8c16884a user: stephan tags: sec2020)
17:53 Fixed ticket [17d00c20]: Missing UUID in manifest can crash manifest_parse() plus 4 other changes ... (artifact: a50b86cd user: stephan)
Fixed [17d00c20dd9f] by adding NULL check on F- and E-card UUID tokens. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 458f30fc user: stephan tags: reject-ckout-db)
The allow-symlinks setting is no longer versionable and is off by default. The allow-symlinks setting no longer propagates with a clone. The help text for allow-symlinks discourages its use. There is a new --symlink flag on "fossil open" to permit the use of symlinks on an open, for the adventurous. Ticket [f9831fdef1d4edcc]. ... (check-in: ff98dd5a user: drh tags: sec2020)
Added checks of (-wal, -shm, -journal) db suffixes. ... (check-in: 4ed1a294 user: stephan tags: reject-ckout-db)
17:32 Ticket [17d00c20] Missing UUID in manifest can crash manifest_parse() status still Open with 6 other changes ... (artifact: c37115ee user: stephan) ... 1 similar event omitted.
16:47 Edit [aa4c3afc52f6a94f|aa4c3afc]: Move to branch sec2020-config-protection. ... (artifact: 341806c4 user: drh)
Moved is_fossil_ckout_db_name() from db.c to file.c and renamed it filename_is_ckout_db(). Integrated the check into manifest_parse(), but testing it requires temporarily #if'ing out the Z-card check, which is one of the first validations. ... (check-in: 6c19baa0 user: stephan tags: reject-ckout-db)
15:54 Ticket [980a72de] RCE using a fake _FOSSIL_ file in a repository status still Open with 5 other changes ... (artifact: 46827fa1 user: stephan)
switch/case style tweak, per request. ... (check-in: 9784e5cd user: stephan tags: reject-ckout-db)
Part 1 of ticket [980a72dedd]: efficient check for determining whether a filename ends with a checkout db name. ... (check-in: ddd1273e user: stephan tags: reject-ckout-db)
Identify security-sensitive settings. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: aa4c3afc user: drh tags: sec2020-config-protection)
Set an authorizer when running the ticket-table SQL. Ticket [56b82836ffba9952]. ... (check-in: fb413840 user: drh tags: sec2020)
09:16 Fixed ticket [61613b0a]: Redirect from HTTP to SSH plus 4 other changes ... (artifact: cc37dfc8 user: drh)
Prohibit redirects from HTTP or HTTPS over to SSH or FILE. Fix for ticket [61613b0a9cf843b6]. ... (check-in: 253dbd15 user: drh tags: sec2020)
08:54 New ticket [61613b0a] Redirect from HTTP to SSH. ... (artifact: 68633f42 user: drh)
08:44 New ticket [980a72de] RCE using a fake _FOSSIL_ file in a repository. ... (artifact: ba7c34f7 user: drh)
08:39 New ticket [f9831fde] Arbitrary file overwrite using symlinks. ... (artifact: c95172dd user: drh)
08:36 New ticket [56b82836] RCE by exploting unchecked content of the ticket-table setting. ... (artifact: 02205983 user: drh)
Fix typo, remove period for consistency with other help ... (check-in: 80ca317a user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Reinstate symlink capability. (Unintended change with prior symlink test?) ... (check-in: c840617b user: andygoth tags: trunk)
23:22 Changes to wiki page "branch/andygoth-enhanced-symlink" ... (artifact: 042230a1 user: andygoth)
23:15 Added wiki page "branch/andygoth-doc-symlink" ... (artifact: 213b9b70 user: andygoth)
Add the "test-symlink-list" command. ... (check-in: de38906f user: drh tags: trunk)
23:03 Changes to wiki page "MailingList" ... (artifact: c59211a6 user: andygoth)
22:58 Changes to wiki page "branch/andygoth-enhanced-symlink" ... (artifact: 4c7f96ee user: andygoth)
Pointed 'latest release' entry at the 2.12 changelog, per forum post. ... (check-in: dba21929 user: stephan tags: trunk)
20:29 Edit [d7b8b3e18328605e|d7b8b3e1]: Move to branch andygoth-svn-import. ... (artifact: 7c5eae5e user: andygoth)
20:21 Edit [41f35ca4ec617891|41f35ca4]: Move to branch andygoth-annotation-enhancements. ... (artifact: 78a9f816 user: andygoth)
20:20 Edit [94650be8de06dc37|94650be8]: Move to branch andygoth-search-technote. ... (artifact: 4a0b226d user: andygoth)
20:03 Edit [8d6bdd1e00cf2cf8|8d6bdd1e]: Move to branch andygoth-enhanced-symlink. ... (artifact: b7840170 user: andygoth)
20:03 Edit [eb4dda482056b1db|eb4dda48]: Move to branch andygoth-doc-symlink. ... (artifact: 0a81be68 user: andygoth)
19:47 Changes to wiki page "MailingList" ... (artifact: 1723dc11 user: andygoth)
Enhance the db_repository_filename() routine to return the canonical filename. ... (check-in: f304c569 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the manifest_reparent_checkin() routine so that the "parent" tag will actually work. ... (check-in: 2bdbbc8a user: drh tags: trunk)
Mention the "fossil backup" command in the 2.12 change log. ... (check-in: a02bcb03 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fixed file_extension() to behave like its docs say it does, which would have made [5a9ac6ca3e] unnecessary. ... (check-in: f95e47b6 user: stephan tags: trunk)
16:36 Edit [d075b6199c87449d|d075b619]: Change background color to "#d0c0ff". ... (artifact: 0228cf4c user: drh)
Fix the release version on the home page. ... (check-in: 4c450330 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix segfault in /artifact introduced by check-in [b699040d701464ce] and reported on the forum. ... (check-in: 5a9ac6ca user: drh tags: trunk)
Reworked fossil.toast to support normal/warning/error-level toasts. Alas, animating a toast's appearance and disappearance proved to be beyond my current skills. ... (check-in: 4368f529 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fixed a recursion bug in fossil.dom.append(e,array) (currently unused, but will be soon). ... (check-in: 2018954b user: drh tags: trunk)
Disable HTTPS redirect for the "test-http" command. That command is used by the "ssh:" transport method and redirects to https will break ssh: transport. ... (check-in: ea6365a8 user: drh tags: trunk)
15:50 Edit [4c16a24995b48fbb|4c16a249]: Move to branch bad-merge. Add propagating "closed". ... (artifact: f49142a4 user: drh)
Fixed a recursion bug in fossil.dom.append(e,array) (currently unused, but will be soon). ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 154f6484 user: stephan tags: bad-merge)
Disable HTTPS redirect for the "test-http" command. That command is used by the "ssh:" transport method and redirects to https will break ssh: transport. ... (check-in: edf63d73 user: drh tags: bad-merge)
15:32 Edit [4c16a24995b48fbb|4c16a249]: Edit check-in comment. ... (artifact: 886d5d68 user: andygoth)
15:31 Edit [4c16a24995b48fbb|4c16a249]: Edit check-in comment. ... (artifact: 56480eab user: andygoth)
Close multi-remote-fix branch because the issue is now resolved. See for some information on what was going on. The solution was to reopen the configuration after it was being prematurely closed. ... (check-in: 4c16a249 user: andygoth tags: bad-merge)
Fix the "fossil clone" command so that it works with "file:" URLs. ... (check-in: 9d2b7cab user: drh tags: trunk)
Put the date on the 2.12 release. Start a change-log for 2.13. ... (check-in: 522e7204 user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge trunk, since cloning local filesystem repositories still does not work ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 719dcd29 user: andygoth tags: multi-remote-fix)
14:45 Edit [0a7526522085631f|0a752652]: Move to branch multi-remote-fix. ... (artifact: 8a7446b7 user: andygoth)
Remove "(pending)" from 2.12 changelog now that 2.12 is released ... (check-in: dcc90ab5 user: andygoth tags: trunk)
When compiling with FOSSIL_DEBUG (from the --fossil-debug configure option) do not attempt to "compress" built-in javascript by removing comments and surplus whitespace. This makes the javascript easier to read in a debugger. ... (check-in: 41b9873b user: drh tags: trunk)
Improvements to line-numbered text output. ... (check-in: b699040d user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix scrolling bug in FF and Chrome. ... (check-in: 22f2d083 user: drh tags: trunk)
Increment the version number to 2.13 to start the next development cycle. ... (check-in: db5868e0 user: drh tags: trunk)
Version 2.12 ... (check-in: d075b619 user: drh tags: trunk, release, version-2.12)
Reverted [33610b04de8fdf56] because a subtle bug in Chrome and FF causes both browsers to break scrolling of elements if they are descendants, however deeply nested, of a fieldset element. The one known workaround for that is too fragile. This is not release-critical. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: e5c3ffeb user: stephan tags: post-2.12-fixes)
Removed a now-unused CSS class. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 1cb792fd user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Several padding tweaks to ensure proper line/code alignment in all of the skins. ... (check-in: e0e5449a user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Gave the BLOCKQUOTE which surrounds file content the file-content CSS class and trimmed its margins a bit. Fixed the truncated-by-one file extension uses in the language-XYZ tag in non-line-numbered file content, caused by refactoring from this branch. ... (check-in: 62b682bd user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Added 'important' to 'hidden' CSS rules to ensure that its visibility-hindering attributes trump other classes' attributes. This fixes the .hidden-yet-visible toast message popup and makes .hidden more future-proof. ... (check-in: 22c592fc user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Made copy-to-clipboard toast message less verbose. Tapping anywhere on the clipboard buttons popup widget now activates the clipboard copy. ... (check-in: 739e4ee3 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Removed some stray debug output. Added a window.CustomEvent polyfill "just in case." ... (check-in: af47d153 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Removed the copy button's hard-coded post-copy behaviour (flashing) and instead fire a text-copied event. The line number selection now closes the popup widget after the copy button is triggered. Implemented a basic toast-message API using PopupWidget. ... (check-in: 8a6ccf9d user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Renamed TooltipWidget to PopupWidget because's it's not *quite* a tooltip and we're soon going to need something closer to a genuine tooltip. Minor adjacent cleanups and code consolidation. ... (check-in: 3998ccef user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Shrink the line number column just a tick. ... (check-in: e5f79f4f user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Some CSS consolidation and got the horizontal scrollbars working on unusually wide code files. ... (check-in: 3d49b73f user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Added a few 'inherits' CSS properties to resolve font size mayem when hilightjs does its thing. ... (check-in: 618c6b13 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Added missing fossil.copybutton.js. ... (check-in: b646e724 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Optimized the mouse-based line number selection considerably, requiring far less DOM traversal. ... (check-in: 0096aa46 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Doc improvements, minor cleanups. Made the URL-copy element's popup position less variable. Uplifted the flash-once and copy-to-clipboard code into the fossil.dom API. ... (check-in: 738bea54 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Implemented dynamic mouse selection of source lines and clipboard tooltip to copy the line range URL. ... (check-in: 3942eb60 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Reimplemented ln=... highlighting to mark the line numbers instead of the code, so that there is no interference with syntax highlighters. Adjusted two skins to use the newer line-marking CSS. ... (check-in: 14ac3e84 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Merged trunk to avoid style collisions later. Changed table.numbered-lines line-height from ex units to unitless, as Mozilla recommends. ... (check-in: 41f270de user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Consolidated the common styles of the bottom- and right-side forum post expansion toggles and resolved a layout quirk which could cause the right-side expander to sit too far to the left. ... (check-in: db1afa75 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Several forum style improvements based on forum feedback. ... (check-in: 2121b1f7 user: stephan tags: trunk)
fileedit: removed a call to blob_reserve() (optimization) because we have a report which seems to imply that it unconditionally fails on mingw 32-bit builds. ... (check-in: b99c069a user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the official released version 3.33.0. ... (check-in: 0d6ed8c0 user: drh tags: trunk)
Corrected the JS-side recursive argument handling for the multiple-numbered-tables case. ... (check-in: a54fa928 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Added optional filename parameter to output_text_with_line_numbers() so that it can add the language-X class to the CODE element. ... (check-in: 0b3919f3 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Changes line-numbered output to make line numbers selectable, as discussed in A couple decisions are needed before deciding whether to merge. ... (check-in: ec73edd4 user: stephan tags: line-number-selection)
Re-enabled the discard-all-edits button in wikiedit and made it look the same in both wikiedit and fileedit. ... (check-in: 39a5289b user: stephan tags: trunk)
fossil.confirmer: moved the confirmation countdown to the right side of the element. This seems to be less visually jarring. ... (check-in: c09949e5 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update the change log to mention the two new virtual tables added to the "fossil sql" command. ... (check-in: d79f08df user: drh tags: trunk)
Add the "builtin" virtual table to the "fossil sql" command. This vtab provides access to all of the built-in support files. ... (check-in: c6359b4e user: drh tags: trunk)
Add new columns "formatted" and "html" to the "helptext" virtual table. ... (check-in: 53adb7dc user: drh tags: trunk)
15:02 Changes to wiki page "To Do List" ... (artifact: 1c651ef7 user: drh)
14:52 Changes to wiki page "To Do List" ... (artifact: e5dfb31d user: drh)
14:10 Changes to wiki page "To Do List" ... (artifact: 884997f0 user: stephan)
fossil.tabs.TabManager now experimentally (and optionally, defaulting to on) assigns 'accesskey' values to each tab button equal to their 1-based index in the tab list. ... (check-in: 4cf35864 user: stephan tags: trunk)
13:54 Changes to wiki page "To Do List" ... (artifact: 00e43541 user: drh)
Improved detection of potential read/write txn conflicts. Hold a write transaction on the server-side for the duration of an /xfer request, to avoid unexpected SQLITE_BUSY errors. ... (check-in: d9543f4c user: drh tags: trunk)
Added clear:both to HR elements, primarily to fix right-floating README.txt on the /dir page in some skins. ... (check-in: a4c1b36e user: stephan tags: trunk)
Minor style consistency/layout tweaks to wikiedit and fileedit. ... (check-in: e7c348f1 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Inconsequential JS cleanups. ... (check-in: 5dd9ff1c user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fixed an out-of-bounds array access in stat.c reported in the forum. ... (check-in: e70f2fbc user: stephan tags: trunk)
Add the --db-verify option to the "fossil dbstat" command. This option simply runs "fossil test-integrity" after doing the other dbstat processing. It is a way to access the test-integrity functionality without using the (unsupported) "test-integrity" command. ... (check-in: 95e91b13 user: drh tags: trunk)
wikiedit: changing the page's mimetype now also marks the page as is-dirty, enabling a save. ... (check-in: 98fa23f9 user: stephan tags: trunk)
wikiedit: now uses fossil.confirmer pinSize option on confirmer buttons. Save button is no longer re-labeled during save to avoid layout reflow. Save button is now always enabled and attempting to save when there are no edits triggers an error message. ... (check-in: f94a5538 user: stephan tags: trunk)
fileedit confirmer buttons now use the new pinSize confirmer option. Minor style consistency tweak. fileedit no longer complains when discarding stashed edits when no file is loaded, and reloads the current file only if it was in the now-discarded local edits. ... (check-in: 83a95dbf user: stephan tags: trunk)
fossil.tabs API now injects a FIELDSET wrapper around all tabs so that we can disable all input elements on a tab by disabling the fieldset, the goal being to disable access to hotkeys which are mapped to elements which are in any tab other than the current one. ... (check-in: 33610b04 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added fossil.confirmer pinSize option which tells it to try to pin the confirmation element's width to the maximum of its initial and awaiting-confirmation widths, to avoid layout reflow while awaiting confirmation. ... (check-in: b12cae85 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added the safe-html setting to the CONFIGSET_SKIN, per discussion at /forumpost/23192a5642. ... (check-in: 333520ab user: stephan tags: trunk)
Re-added the P tags removed in [9850dd3f22db], as they're needed for proper spacing. ... (check-in: 689b7f6d user: stephan tags: trunk)
Corrected help_to_html() to escape less-than signs so that script tags in help text do not break the page. Removed a semantically illegal P tag from the HTML-format help. ... (check-in: 9850dd3f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Doc tweaks only - no code changes. ... (check-in: b5496da6 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the second 3.33.0 beta, as part of beta testing. ... (check-in: 9120ff5f user: drh tags: trunk)
Added a 'Save and Close' button to wikiedit. Cleaned up the styling and wrapping of the status/links menu bars in fileedit and wikiedit. Minor style tweaks to get input field borders to appear in the default skin on Chromium. ... (check-in: 3814c9ff user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merged inadvertent fork. ... (check-in: 1eb21747 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Tweaks to the change log. ... (check-in: f4c731af user: drh tags: trunk)
Improved handling of long posts in the forum. ... (check-in: c265daea user: drh tags: trunk)
/fileedit now embeds the current open leaf list and the file list for the current checkin (defaulting to the most recent leaf) in the page content, saving 2 XHR requests at startup. If passed filename= without checkin= then it tries to load the given file from the most recent leaf. ... (check-in: 5fc0f7c3 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Amend OpenBSD httpd Fossil server instructions to use the mount_mfs -P option to automatically populate the chroot /dev tree as suggested by anon on the forum. ... (check-in: 4b240ec3 user: jamsek tags: trunk)
Merge in trunk; resolve conflicts ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 7cfbf66a user: ashepilko tags: cmake-ide)
Corrected the new CSS selectors to account for plain-text posts, which use a PRE instead of DIV wrapper. Shrunk the gap between the expansion tap zone and the scrollbar to its left. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: eef9ac05 user: stephan tags: forum-expand-post-revisited)
Re-added an important forumPostBody.overflow CSS attribute which was accidentally removed in the last edit. ... (check-in: 939b6473 user: stephan tags: forum-expand-post-revisited)
Improved(?) the way forum post expansion is handled, based on forum feedback. Added a narrow "tap zone" to the right of the post scrollbars to expand/collapse. When a post is collapsed the first time, it is shrunken much smaller than its original size. When collapsing a post, we now scroll its parent element (post header), rather than the next post, into view. ... (check-in: ebbd20c6 user: stephan tags: forum-expand-post-revisited)
Revise and simplify the list of 1st-tier commands that are shown by the "fossil help" command. ... (check-in: 84f697e5 user: drh tags: trunk)
Edit whitespace in previous commit to make format consistent with existing code blocks. ... (check-in: d2ad5f2f user: jamsek tags: trunk)
Add missed instructions to edit rc.local with commands to automate device node creation at startup as identified by ams on the forum. ... (check-in: a2585ea9 user: jamsek tags: trunk)
More refinements to built-in help pages for commands. ... (check-in: a31a717e user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the /help webpage to accept prefixes on the cmd= query parameter. ... (check-in: f2f419ea user: drh tags: trunk)
Many updates to built-in help pages. No changes to code. ... (check-in: c9656369 user: drh tags: trunk)
Enhance built-in help text formatting so that text contained within [[...]] is a hyperlink to another help page. ... (check-in: 71992d0f user: drh tags: trunk)
wikiedit: deleted pages are now hidden by default, per forum feedback. A minor style tweek to shift edit-marked wiki entries to the right a bit (edit state indicator was truncated in some skins). ... (check-in: 8936ae98 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix typo in built-in documentation for "fossil open". ... (check-in: 9ec3274f user: drh tags: trunk)
Never allow the "fossil open" command to proceed on a non-empty working directory unless either the --force or --keep options are used. ... (check-in: 99ab1118 user: drh tags: trunk)
Disabled wikiedit save confirmation, by popular demand. (Discard/reload still requires confirmation due to the risk of data loss.) Added link to /wiki/PageName to the per-page links. ... (check-in: 8635cb3d user: stephan tags: trunk)
Do not allow "fossil open URL" without a --workdir option to work on a non-empty directory. ... (check-in: f0805380 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix documentation typo. ... (check-in: 08ab2860 user: drh tags: trunk)
Imported a 2-line polyfill for MSIE's missing NodeList.forEach, courtesy of the Mozilla docs. ... (check-in: 4dd27076 user: stephan tags: trunk)
More improvements to "fossil open": Make sure the --repodir is converted into a full pathname so that it is unaffected by --workdir. Report an error with --nested if the new repo would be rooted in the same directory as another repository. ... (check-in: 15a7b1fd user: drh tags: trunk)
wikiedit now relabels the Save button while save is in progress, per forum feedback. ... (check-in: 9f3747d8 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Reverted a recent modernization in sbsdiff.js because the MSIE<=11 family of browsers do not support NodeList.forEach. ... (check-in: 7f416ef1 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/wikiedit now marks "deleted" (empty) pages and offers a filter to show/hide them. ... (check-in: 424baf1e user: stephan tags: trunk)
When doing an open on a URI, verify that the working directory is not within an existing checkout prior to performing the clone. ... (check-in: 19677d76 user: drh tags: trunk)
Updates to a slightly newer SQLite in an attempt to avoid a C89 declaration order issue. ... (check-in: 0d813dbf user: drh tags: trunk)
Updated documentation for the "open" command. ... (check-in: 08255208 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the first 3.33.0 beta. ... (check-in: e83d5bad user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the change log for the enhancements to "fossil open". ... (check-in: d59270f7 user: drh tags: trunk)