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27 check-ins related to "pikchrshow-wasm"

Merge in pikchrshow-wasm branch: reimplement /pikchrshow using a client-side WASM build of pikchr.c, plus related feature-adjacent tweaks in mimetype handling. ... (check-in: 7fcb4626 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Refactored the configure script's emsdk detection in the hopes that this reformulation will work on systems where emcc is installed via a package manager. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 98dd2626 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
10:09 added notes about emsdk requirements and keeping it up to date. ... (check-in: b256c5bc user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Added mjs (ES6 modules) mimetype. Changed JS mimetype from application/javascript to text/javascript to conform with the HTML spec. application/javascript is commonly used in the wild. ... (check-in: a54a2c6a user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Added missing section numbers 7.0 and 8.0 to the two newest sections in ... (check-in: fb9f3dcc user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Added mimetype image/ to the is-compressible list, per forum feedback. Consolidated strncmp() vs fossil_strncmp() into fossil_strncmp() in cgi.c for consistency's sake. ... (check-in: 3652b4d6 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Based on discussions in forum thread f60dece061c364d1, (A) re-add the charset=utf-8 for text/* mimetypes, (B) extend the set of gzip-compressible mimetypes (e.g. JSON, wasm, tcl, tar), and (C) refactor (B)'s impl so that adding new types does not add a performance hit (it's faster now for most mimetypes). ... (check-in: 86db2d94 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Removed the unused/incomplete split-view widget. The current UI doesn't seem to need that level of manual size tuning. ... (check-in: ba1be566 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Added a section to www/ explaining the pikchr WASM bits and how to rebuild them (required when updating pikchr.c). ... (check-in: ed51ec4e user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Resolved auto-fit mode not rendering in Chromium. ... (check-in: 11f77903 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Resolved a slight layout mis-shift of the main input field introduced by the previous checkin. ... (check-in: 5b84e810 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Recompiled pikchr.js/wasm with latest emscripten. Fixed a left-shifted SVG truncation case. Ported example script selection from legacy pikchrshow into the new version. ... (check-in: 6c07b286 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Added optional build infrastructure for using emcc so that we have a reproducible pikchr.wasm instead of an opaque 3rd-party blob. This adds the --with-emsdk configure flag. ... (check-in: 8f6886c9 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
More pikchrshow cleanups. Corrected the body text for the markdown/wiki render modes (was using the SVG instead of pikchr code). Center the pikchr when not in auto-fit mode. ... (check-in: e23286a6 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Ported the various preview mode toggles and clipboard copy from legacy pikchrshow to wasm pikchrshow. ... (check-in: e513090c user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
pikchrshow: refactored layout to use fieldsets for the input/output area wrappers and moved their button controls into the LEGEND elements. Various minor layout tweaks. ... (check-in: 577ab3be user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Added pikchrshow reimpl to the change log. ... (check-in: 997bb954 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Extended the pikchr wasm binding to make use of all of the pikchr() arguments and return more info in pikchr-worker's result. Fixed shift-enter behavior. ... (check-in: 1dc34c9b user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
pikchrshow: swap default config value for position of input/output areas. ... (check-in: 3bd30e66 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
darkmode skin: replace on-focus color change of buttons with a light border, else the text has illegibly little contrast. ... (check-in: 63d51076 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Consolidated some CSS. Minor pikchrshow layout tweaks. ... (check-in: ae8f2ebe user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
pikchrshow layout tweaks. ... (check-in: 32526f32 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Fixed legacy pikchrshow preview button, broken by hijacking its URI for the new pikchrshow mode. In side-by-side mode when auto-render is on, cap each half at max-width 50% to help keep the UI from flopping around. ... (check-in: c8e91165 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Added CSS file missing from previous checkin. ... (check-in: 9cd4f71f user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Replace /pikchrshow with a WASM-based version and rename the prior version to /pikchrshowcs (cs=client/server). There are still a couple layout/style quirks to resolve, and a feature or two to port from the legacy app, but it more or less works. ... (check-in: 321f01a8 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Remove the '; charset=utf-8' suffix from response Content-Type headers. That modifier is technically incorrect for many mimetypes, but wasm loaders are extra picky about it and refuse to load wasm files with the charset set. An attempt at porting over althttpd's solution for this same problem leads down a much deeper and far more invasive rabbit hole because how fossil handles/sets the response content type is more involved than in althttpd. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 15e7b49e user: stephan tags: content-type-no-charset)
Fix the new linear bisect so that it always goes from good to bad and stops at the first bad check-in found. ... (check-in: e6554457 user: drh tags: trunk)