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Ticket Hash: dd78d17ea903a6ec2d69c0a55b7d1971f9120c7a
Title: attachment problem
Status: Open Type: Incident
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Last Modified: 2013-01-25 17:43:20
Version Found In: 79b7902cdd
I tried attaching a file to a ticket. There was no error that I could
see, but neither could I find any evidence that the file was actually
attached. I checked the ticket history, ticket time line and the main
time line. Nothing there. Nor in View Ticket.

<hr /><i>anonymous claiming to be viric added on 2011-02-12 11:00:59 UTC:</i><br />
I remember this happening to me once. I related that to attaching a file 'too big'. Could it be the reason?
I did not explore more, to confirm that hypothesis.

<hr /><i>anonymous added on 2011-02-16 06:17:56 UTC:</i><br />
It was a small text file created specifically to demo attachments to tickets, maybe 200 bytes in size.

<hr /><i>anonymous added on 2011-05-09 12:37:06 UTC:</i><br />
Seems as if problem is only with IE.  I'm running IE 7, attachments make it somehow into sqlite database but not completely back to the ui (stuck there in between).

With Firefox 4 everything works fine.
User Comments:
anonymous (claiming to be Srivathsan Madhavan) added on 2013-01-23 12:28:16:
I am still having this issue with WinXP Sp3 + cumulative fixes till date and IE8.  I even tried changin the max-upload setting value to 20 * 1024 * 1024 (20MB) but still I couldn't upload a 72kb image (JPEG) file.  Truly frustrating!

stephan added on 2013-01-25 17:43:20: (text/x-fossil-plain)
See attached.

It seems we'll need more details on how to reproduce this.