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Ticket Hash: c2efdd64bff166c33d3336989b86dcae277dc247
Title: Allow for replay-style imports to the ticket system
Status: Fixed Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Important Priority: High
Subsystem: Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2012-08-08 13:13:33
Version Found In: trunk
While exploring ways to get Tcl/Tk's ticket history ported from SF to fossil, I thought of doing it by replay, i.e. parse the XML dump of the SF tracker and feed every action recorded there into the command line interface of fossil. This will probably take longer to run than a converter that works directly on the SQLite database, but it requires less knowledge of fossils internals for writing the converter.

I spotted two (hopefully small) additions to the ticket commands that would be needed to do this, but more might turn up on the way.

  1. Add an option to ticked add to specify the Id of the newly created ticket instead of auto-generating one, so that the SF ticket numbers can be retained and existing references to them don't break.
  2. Add an option to ticket add and ticket set to specify the timestamp for the change to be added, so that it appears in the correct historic context.

mistachkin added on 2012-08-08 03:41:09 UTC:
Upping priority, this feature is critical to migrating off of SF.