Check-in Differences

Check-in Differences

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Difference From js-hamburger-menu To trunk

Revert a /chat change, introduced in [be01315c86cd2f7d], which causes the Send button to trigger a preview update if the current view is the preview. In practice that's annoying, as the shift-enter and the preview button do the same thing and this change forces a separate click to leave preview mode. ... (Leaf check-in: ec6fbe98 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Upgrade autosetup to upstream version 0.7.1+. Tested on 3 Linux variants with no regressions. ... (check-in: 370c2639 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Enhancements to the hamburger menu mechanism. ... (check-in: 724a9b8f user: drh tags: trunk)
Oops, fallen for testing built-in versus customized skin, fix the previous check-in. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: dac9293b user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)
Less rigid string-to-number conversion for the custom "data-anim-ms" attribute. ... (check-in: e4a18b67 user: florian tags: js-hamburger-menu)

Deleted .dockerignore.

Added .editorconfig.

Changes to .fossil-settings/binary-glob.

Changes to .fossil-settings/clean-glob.

Changes to .fossil-settings/ignore-glob.

Changes to BUILD.txt.

Changes to Dockerfile.

Changes to Makefile.classic.

Changes to

Changes to Makefile.osx-jaguar.


Changes to VERSION.

Deleted ajax/README.

Deleted ajax/cgi-bin/fossil-json.cgi.example.

Deleted ajax/i-test/rhino-shell.js.

Deleted ajax/i-test/rhino-test.js.

Deleted ajax/index.html.

Deleted ajax/js/fossil-ajaj.js.

Deleted ajax/js/json2.js.

Deleted ajax/js/whajaj.js.

Deleted ajax/wiki-editor.html.

Deleted art/CollRev1.dia.

Deleted art/CollRev2.dia.

Deleted art/CollRev3.dia.

Deleted art/CollRev4.dia.

Deleted art/branching.odp.

Deleted art/concept1.dia.

Deleted art/concept2.dia.

Deleted art/delta1.dia.

Deleted art/delta2.dia.

Deleted art/delta3.dia.

Deleted art/delta4.dia.

Deleted art/delta5.dia.

Deleted art/delta6.dia.

Deleted art/encode1.tex.

Deleted art/encode10.dia.

Deleted art/encode2.tex.

Deleted art/encode3.tex.

Deleted art/encode4.tex.

Deleted art/encode5.tex.

Deleted art/encode6.tex.

Deleted art/encode7.tex.

Deleted art/encode8.tex.

Deleted art/encode9.tex.

Changes to auto.def.

Changes to autosetup/README.autosetup.

Changes to autosetup/autosetup.

Added autosetup/autosetup-config.guess.

Added autosetup/autosetup-config.sub.

Added autosetup/autosetup-find-tclsh.

Added autosetup/autosetup-test-tclsh.

Changes to autosetup/cc-db.tcl.

Changes to autosetup/cc-lib.tcl.

Changes to autosetup/cc-shared.tcl.

Changes to autosetup/cc.tcl.

Deleted autosetup/config.guess.

Deleted autosetup/config.sub.

Deleted autosetup/find-tclsh.

Changes to autosetup/jimsh0.c.

Changes to autosetup/pkg-config.tcl.

Changes to autosetup/system.tcl.

Deleted autosetup/test-tclsh.

Changes to autosetup/

Changes to autosetup/tmake.tcl.

Changes to compat/zlib/CMakeLists.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/ChangeLog.

Changes to compat/zlib/FAQ.

Added compat/zlib/LICENSE.

Changes to compat/zlib/

Changes to compat/zlib/README.

Changes to compat/zlib/adler32.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/compress.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/configure.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/README.contrib.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/buffer_demo.adb.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/mtest.adb.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/read.adb.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/readme.txt.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/test.adb.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/zlib-streams.adb.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/zlib-thin.adb.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/zlib.adb.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/ada/zlib.gpr.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/amd64/amd64-match.S.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/asm686/README.686.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/asm686/match.S.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/blast/blast.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/delphi/ZLib.pas.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/dotzlib/DotZLib/ChecksumImpl.cs.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/dotzlib/DotZLib/CodecBase.cs.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/dotzlib/DotZLib/GZipStream.cs.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/dotzlib/DotZLib/UnitTests.cs.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/dotzlib/readme.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/infback9/infback9.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/infback9/infback9.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/infback9/inftree9.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/infback9/inftree9.h.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/inflate86/inffas86.c.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/inflate86/inffast.S.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/iostream3/zfstream.h.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx64/bld_ml64.bat.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx64/gvmat64.asm.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx64/inffas8664.c.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx64/inffasx64.asm.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx64/readme.txt.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx86/bld_ml32.bat.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx86/inffas32.asm.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx86/match686.asm.

Deleted compat/zlib/contrib/masmx86/readme.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/Makefile.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/MiniZip64_Changes.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/crypt.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/ioapi.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/ioapi.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/iowin32.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/iowin32.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/miniunz.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/minizip.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/mztools.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/unzip.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/unzip.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/zip.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/minizip/zip.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/pascal/zlibpas.pas.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/puff/README.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/puff/puff.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/puff/pufftest.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/testzlib/testzlib.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/untgz/untgz.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/readme.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/miniunz.vcxproj.filters.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/minizip.vcxproj.filters.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/testzlib.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/testzlib.vcxproj.filters.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/testzlibdll.vcxproj.filters.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/zlib.rc.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/zlibstat.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/zlibstat.vcxproj.filters.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/zlibvc.def.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/zlibvc.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc10/zlibvc.vcxproj.filters.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc11/testzlib.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc11/zlib.rc.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc11/zlibstat.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc11/zlibvc.def.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc11/zlibvc.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc12/testzlib.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc12/zlib.rc.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc12/zlibstat.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc12/zlibvc.def.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc12/zlibvc.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc14/testzlib.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc14/zlib.rc.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc14/zlibstat.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc14/zlibvc.def.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc14/zlibvc.vcxproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/miniunz.vcproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/minizip.vcproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/testzlib.vcproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/testzlibdll.vcproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/zlib.rc.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/zlibstat.vcproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/zlibvc.def.

Changes to compat/zlib/contrib/vstudio/vc9/zlibvc.vcproj.

Changes to compat/zlib/crc32.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/crc32.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/deflate.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/deflate.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/README.examples.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/enough.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/fitblk.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/gun.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/gzappend.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/gzlog.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/gzlog.h.

Added compat/zlib/examples/gznorm.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/zlib_how.html.

Changes to compat/zlib/examples/zran.c.

Added compat/zlib/examples/zran.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/gzclose.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/gzguts.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/gzlib.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/gzread.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/gzwrite.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/infback.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/inffast.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/inffast.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/inflate.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/inflate.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/inftrees.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/inftrees.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/

Changes to compat/zlib/old/visual-basic.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/os400/README400.

Changes to compat/zlib/os400/bndsrc.

Changes to compat/zlib/os400/

Changes to compat/zlib/qnx/package.qpg.

Changes to compat/zlib/test/example.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/test/infcover.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/test/minigzip.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/treebuild.xml.

Changes to compat/zlib/trees.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/uncompr.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/win32/DLL_FAQ.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/win32/Makefile.bor.

Changes to compat/zlib/win32/Makefile.gcc.

Changes to compat/zlib/win32/Makefile.msc.

Changes to compat/zlib/win32/README-WIN32.txt.

Changes to compat/zlib/win32/zlib.def.

Changes to compat/zlib/win32/zlib1.rc.

Changes to compat/zlib/zconf.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/zconf.h.cmakein.

Changes to compat/zlib/

Changes to compat/zlib/zlib.3.

Changes to compat/zlib/zlib.3.pdf.

Changes to compat/zlib/zlib.h.

Changes to compat/zlib/

Deleted compat/zlib/zlib2ansi.

Changes to compat/zlib/zutil.c.

Changes to compat/zlib/zutil.h.

Changes to configure.

Changes to debian/

Added extsrc/cson_amalgamation.c.

Added extsrc/cson_amalgamation.h.

Added extsrc/linenoise.c.

Added extsrc/linenoise.h.

Added extsrc/pikchr-worker.js.

Added extsrc/pikchr.c.

Added extsrc/pikchr.js.

Added extsrc/pikchr.wasm.

Added extsrc/shell.c.

Added extsrc/sqlite3.c.

Added extsrc/sqlite3.h.

Changes to fossil.1.

Changes to setup/fossil.iss.

Changes to skins/

Deleted skins/aht/details.txt.

Changes to skins/ardoise/css.txt.

Changes to skins/ardoise/details.txt.

Changes to skins/ardoise/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/ardoise/header.txt.

Changes to skins/black_and_white/css.txt.

Changes to skins/black_and_white/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/black_and_white/header.txt.

Changes to skins/blitz/css.txt.

Changes to skins/blitz/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/blitz/header.txt.

Changes to skins/blitz/ticket.txt.

Deleted skins/blitz_no_logo/

Deleted skins/blitz_no_logo/css.txt.

Deleted skins/blitz_no_logo/details.txt.

Deleted skins/blitz_no_logo/footer.txt.

Deleted skins/blitz_no_logo/header.txt.

Deleted skins/blitz_no_logo/ticket.txt.

Deleted skins/bootstrap/css.txt.

Deleted skins/bootstrap/details.txt.

Deleted skins/bootstrap/footer.txt.

Deleted skins/bootstrap/header.txt.

Added skins/darkmode/css.txt.

Added skins/darkmode/details.txt.

Added skins/darkmode/footer.txt.

Added skins/darkmode/header.txt.

Changes to skins/default/

Changes to skins/default/css.txt.

Changes to skins/default/details.txt.

Changes to skins/default/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/default/header.txt.

Deleted skins/default/js.txt.

Changes to skins/eagle/css.txt.

Changes to skins/eagle/details.txt.

Changes to skins/eagle/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/eagle/header.txt.

Deleted skins/enhanced1/css.txt.

Deleted skins/enhanced1/details.txt.

Deleted skins/enhanced1/footer.txt.

Deleted skins/enhanced1/header.txt.

Added skins/etienne/

Added skins/etienne/css.txt.

Added skins/etienne/details.txt.

Added skins/etienne/footer.txt.

Added skins/etienne/header.txt.

Changes to skins/khaki/css.txt.

Changes to skins/khaki/details.txt.

Changes to skins/khaki/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/khaki/header.txt.

Changes to skins/original/css.txt.

Changes to skins/original/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/original/header.txt.

Changes to skins/plain_gray/css.txt.

Changes to skins/plain_gray/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/plain_gray/header.txt.

Deleted skins/rounded1/css.txt.

Deleted skins/rounded1/details.txt.

Deleted skins/rounded1/footer.txt.

Deleted skins/rounded1/header.txt.

Changes to skins/xekri/css.txt.

Changes to skins/xekri/details.txt.

Changes to skins/xekri/footer.txt.

Changes to skins/xekri/header.txt.

Added src/accordion.js.

Changes to src/add.c.

Added src/ajax.c.

Changes to src/alerts.c.

Added src/alerts/bflat2.wav.

Added src/alerts/bflat3.wav.

Added src/alerts/bloop.wav.

Added src/alerts/mkwav.c.

Added src/alerts/plunk.wav.

Changes to src/allrepo.c.

Changes to src/attach.c.

Added src/backlink.c.

Changes to src/backoffice.c.

Changes to src/bag.c.

Changes to src/bisect.c.

Changes to src/blob.c.

Changes to src/branch.c.

Changes to src/browse.c.

Changes to src/builtin.c.

Changes to src/bundle.c.

Changes to src/cache.c.

Changes to src/capabilities.c.

Changes to src/captcha.c.

Changes to src/cgi.c.

Added src/chat.c.

Changes to src/checkin.c.

Changes to src/checkout.c.

Changes to src/clone.c.

Deleted src/codecheck1.c.

Added src/color.c.

Changes to src/comformat.c.

Changes to src/config.h.

Changes to src/configure.c.

Changes to src/content.c.

Changes to src/cookies.c.

Added src/copybtn.js.

Deleted src/cson_amalgamation.c.

Deleted src/cson_amalgamation.h.

Changes to src/db.c.

Added src/default.css.

Deleted src/default_css.txt.

Changes to src/delta.c.

Changes to src/deltacmd.c.

Added src/deltafunc.c.

Changes to src/descendants.c.

Changes to src/diff.c.

Added src/diff.js.

Changes to src/diff.tcl.

Changes to src/diffcmd.c.

Changes to src/dispatch.c.

Changes to src/doc.c.

Changes to src/encode.c.

Changes to src/etag.c.

Changes to src/event.c.

Changes to src/export.c.

Added src/extcgi.c.

Changes to src/file.c.

Added src/fileedit.c.

Changes to src/finfo.c.

Changes to src/foci.c.

Changes to src/forum.c.

Changes to src/forum.js.

Added src/fossil.bootstrap.js.

Added src/fossil.confirmer.js.

Added src/fossil.copybutton.js.

Added src/fossil.diff.js.

Added src/fossil.dom.js.

Added src/fossil.fetch.js.

Added src/fossil.numbered-lines.js.

Added src/

Added src/

Added src/

Added src/

Added src/

Added src/

Added src/

Added src/

Added src/fossil.pikchr.js.

Added src/fossil.popupwidget.js.

Added src/

Added src/fossil.tabs.js.

Added src/fossil.wikiedit-wysiwyg.js.

Changes to src/fshell.c.

Changes to src/fusefs.c.

Added src/fuzz.c.

Changes to src/glob.c.

Changes to src/graph.c.

Changes to src/graph.js.

Changes to src/gzip.c.

Added src/hbmenu.js.

Changes to src/hname.c.

Added src/hook.c.

Changes to src/href.js.

Changes to src/http.c.

Changes to src/http_socket.c.

Changes to src/http_ssl.c.

Changes to src/http_transport.c.

Changes to src/import.c.

Changes to src/info.c.

Added src/interwiki.c.

Changes to src/json.c.

Changes to src/json_artifact.c.

Changes to src/json_branch.c.

Changes to src/json_config.c.

Changes to src/json_detail.h.

Changes to src/json_diff.c.

Changes to src/json_dir.c.

Changes to src/json_finfo.c.

Changes to src/json_login.c.

Changes to src/json_query.c.

Changes to src/json_report.c.

Changes to src/json_status.c.

Changes to src/json_tag.c.

Changes to src/json_timeline.c.

Changes to src/json_user.c.

Changes to src/json_wiki.c.

Changes to src/leaf.c.

Deleted src/linenoise.c.

Deleted src/linenoise.h.

Changes to src/loadctrl.c.

Changes to src/login.c.

Changes to src/lookslike.c.

Changes to src/main.c.

Changes to src/

Deleted src/makeheaders.c.

Deleted src/makeheaders.html.

Deleted src/makemake.tcl.

Changes to src/manifest.c.

Changes to src/markdown.c.

Changes to src/

Changes to src/markdown_html.c.

Changes to src/md5.c.

Changes to src/merge.c.

Changes to src/merge3.c.

Deleted src/miniz.c.

Deleted src/mkbuiltin.c.

Deleted src/mkcss.c.

Deleted src/mkindex.c.

Deleted src/mkversion.c.

Changes to src/moderate.c.

Changes to src/name.c.

Added src/patch.c.

Changes to src/path.c.

Changes to src/piechart.c.

Added src/pikchrshow.c.

Changes to src/pivot.c.

Changes to src/popen.c.

Changes to src/pqueue.c.

Changes to src/printf.c.

Changes to src/publish.c.

Changes to src/purge.c.

Changes to src/rebuild.c.

Changes to src/regexp.c.

Added src/repolist.c.

Changes to src/report.c.

Changes to src/rss.c.

Deleted src/sbsdiff.js.

Changes to src/schema.c.

Changes to src/scroll.js.

Changes to src/search.c.

Changes to src/security_audit.c.

Changes to src/setup.c.

Changes to src/setupuser.c.

Changes to src/sha1.c.

Changes to src/sha1hard.c.

Changes to src/sha3.c.

Deleted src/shell.c.

Changes to src/shun.c.

Changes to src/sitemap.c.

Changes to src/skins.c.

Changes to src/smtp.c.

Added src/sounds/0.wav.

Added src/sounds/1.wav.

Added src/sounds/2.wav.

Added src/sounds/3.wav.

Added src/sounds/4.wav.

Added src/sounds/5.wav.

Added src/sounds/6.wav.

Added src/sounds/7.wav.

Added src/sounds/8.wav.

Added src/sounds/9.wav.

Added src/sounds/

Added src/sounds/a.wav.

Added src/sounds/b.wav.

Added src/sounds/c.wav.

Added src/sounds/d.wav.

Added src/sounds/e.wav.

Added src/sounds/f.wav.

Changes to src/sqlcmd.c.

Deleted src/sqlite3.c.

Deleted src/sqlite3.h.

Changes to src/stash.c.

Changes to src/stat.c.

Changes to src/statrep.c.

Added src/style.admin_log.css.

Changes to src/style.c.

Added src/

Added src/style.fileedit.css.

Added src/style.pikchrshow.css.

Added src/style.uvlist.css.

Added src/style.wikiedit.css.

Changes to src/sync.c.

Changes to src/tag.c.

Changes to src/tar.c.

Added src/terminal.c.

Changes to src/th.c.

Changes to src/th.h.

Changes to src/th_lang.c.

Changes to src/th_main.c.

Changes to src/th_tcl.c.

Changes to src/timeline.c.

Changes to src/tkt.c.

Changes to src/tktsetup.c.

Deleted src/translate.c.

Changes to src/undo.c.

Changes to src/unicode.c.

Changes to src/unversioned.c.

Changes to src/update.c.

Changes to src/url.c.

Changes to src/user.c.

Changes to src/utf8.c.

Changes to src/util.c.

Changes to src/verify.c.

Changes to src/vfile.c.

Deleted src/webmail.c.

Changes to src/wiki.c.

Changes to src/

Changes to src/wikiformat.c.

Changes to src/winfile.c.

Changes to src/winhttp.c.

Deleted src/wysiwyg.c.

Changes to src/xfer.c.

Changes to src/xfersetup.c.

Changes to src/zip.c.

Changes to test/amend.test.

Changes to test/cmdline.test.

Changes to test/commit-warning.test.

Added test/csp1.html.

Changes to test/delta1.test.

Changes to test/

Changes to test/diff.test.

Changes to test/fake-editor.tcl.

Changes to test/fileStat.th1.

Changes to test/

Added test/

Changes to test/json.test.

Added test/

Added test/

Changes to test/merge1.test.

Changes to test/merge2.test.

Changes to test/merge3.test.

Changes to test/merge4.test.

Changes to test/merge5.test.

Changes to test/merge_renames.test.

Added test/merge_renames_2.test.

Changes to test/merge_warn.test.

Changes to test/mv-rm.test.

Changes to test/

Added test/reserved-names.test.

Changes to test/revert.test.

Added test/rewrite-test-output.tcl.

Changes to test/set-manifest.test.

Changes to test/settings-repo.test.

Changes to test/settings.test.

Changes to test/stash.test.

Added test/subdir with spaces/filename with spaces.txt.

Changes to test/symlinks.test.

Changes to test/tester.tcl.

Changes to test/th1-docs.test.

Changes to test/th1-hooks.test.

Changes to test/th1-tcl.test.

Changes to test/th1.test.

Changes to test/unversioned.test.

Added test/update.test.

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Deleted tools/fossil_chat.tcl.

Added tools/fslsrv.

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Added tools/mkbuiltin.c.

Added tools/mkindex.c.

Added tools/mkversion.c.

Added tools/skintxt2config.c.

Added tools/sqlcompattest.c.

Added tools/translate.c.

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Added www/json-api/

Added www/json-api/

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Added www/json-api/

Added www/json-api/

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