Import CVS Repositories

Spiritual ancestor: cvs2svn.




Pass Description Notes
CollectAr Collect archives Ok
CollectRev Collect revisions, tags, branches (file level) Ok
CollateSymbols Collate symbol (project level) from the file level data Ok
FilterSymbols Filter symbols, exclude symbols and lines of development Ok
InitCsets Create initial changesets Ok.
CsetDeps Compute changeset dependencies from revision dependencies Ok
BreakRevCsetCycles Break cycles among revision changesets Ok
RevTopologicalSort Topologically sort revision changesets Ok
BreakSymCsetCycles Break cycles among symbol changesets Ok
BreakAllCsetCycles Break cycles over all changesets Ok. (Accepting that it may still change the order of revision changesets over the result of pass 7).
AllTopologicallSort Topologically sort all changesets Ok
ImportFiles Import files Ok.
ImportCSets Import changesets Ok.
ImportFinal Import finalization (fossil rebuild) Ok.

Notes regarding the actual import: