Fossil Tutorial

Note: At this point this is only an outline, not the real thing. We need to establish what goes into a decent Fossil tutorial before we start writing details. Initially we may want to append the tutorial pieces so they're clearly labelled and up for discussion. Once the pieces are in something resembling stable condition, the whole page can be edited and the final form moved up into the tutorial proper.


On 2008-05-25 06:41:52 UTC michael added:

Coming to Fossil from darcs

If you're coming to Fossil from darcs, most of Fossil's concepts will not be new to you. A brief comparison of the two systems will help get you oriented.
Task darcs Fossil
Create a new repository. darcs init fossil new repo.fsl1
fossil open repo.fsl
Clone an existing repository. darcs get {PATH|URL}2 fossil clone URL clone.fsl1
fossil open clone.fsl
Collect changes from a remote repository. darcs pull [{PATH|URL}] fossil pull [URL]
Send changes to remote repository. darcs push [{PATH|URL}] fossil push [URL]
1 A darcs repository is typically, in its most common use case, a subdirectory of the project directory. A Fossil repository is a single file which can be placed anywhere on your disk. It does not necessarily (and indeed usually shouldn't) reside in the same place you do your work.

2 An alternative to using darcs get in the destination repository is to use darcs put in the source repository.