Compiling under windows XP with sdk compiler.

Compiling under windows with Digital Mars C compiler

Updating windows sdk dmc

With the advent of fossil having a windows service interface compiling fossil will not work. The simplest option is to replace dm/include/win32/winsvc.h. The downside is that your headers are from 2 different versions and possible from 2 different sources. I used the files from to update the sdk. The recipe for the upgrade can be found on the digital mars news server.

Compiling under Wine with Digital Mars C compiler

Compiling under windows with Mingw

Installing the tools.

Getting fossil source code

Log on as Anonymous, go to the Timeline section, and download the latest development source code. Just unzip the Fossil file anywhere you want (c:\src\fossil is assumed).

Compiling fossil source code

Compiling under windows with PellesC

This is tested under Windows XP with PellesC 5 and Window 7 with PellesC 6(32 & 64 bit)

Compiling under linux for windows with Mingw

This is called cross compiling. I'm using Arch linux distribution which uses the package manager pacman to install packages. If you have a differen linux distribution the packages might be called different. I assume a login name of renez substitute yours were apropiate.

Installing the tools.

Getting fossil source code

Compiling fossil source code

Distribution of cross compiled fossil.exe

Because you have linked against zlib and maybe ssl you need to include from /usr/i486-mingw32/bin zlib1.dll and, optional, libssl32.dll (and maybe also libeay32.dll)

testing the cross compiled fossil.exe