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History of tools/lib/cvs_timeline.tcl

Modified sorting of timeline entries for the same second to properly split files and file versions from each other, and to have newer revisions later. Further added a storage for error messages to be repeated when the importer exist. First user is the code reporting corrupted archive files detected during a checkout. file: [09c55e80] check-in: [a5476aed] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 2430
Fixed bug in the new code setting up the timeline, forgot to clean up loop state, causing data from previous iterations to bleed into the current one, causing the use of bogus data and ultimatively a bogus timeline. Note! Incidentially a bug in the old code was fixed by the new one, the use of mismatching revisions and commit messages. That caused the generation of extra changesets in the old code. file: [0ce8e923] check-in: [10e3b3ed] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 2377
More structuring of the CVS backend, encapsulated the management of the global timeline of events in the project in a separate package. file: [24ba5c2c] check-in: [1593006e] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 2376 Added