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25 check-ins related to "rberteig-json-test"

Add test cases for fossil json. Improve the test suite to support a way to treat expected non-zero status exits from fossil as success when warrented. Made minor bug fixes to the test framework, and to several test cases unrelated to JSON support. (check-in: 62627615 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Merged from trunk to pick up work in progress and a bug fix to tester.tcl. Fixed issue introduced by the addition of the insertCsrf and verifyCsrf commands from ci [f8820eff] which broke the test th1-info-commands. Also fixed the dependence on the order of commands output by TH1. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 2de15c8e user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
On Windows, normalize the Fossil executable file extension used by the test suite. (check-in: 74ce4181 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Minor tweaks in a few test cases, placeholder for cases to exercise documented error codes. (check-in: 9f45c8b6 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Add --https and --nossl options to the 'server' command. (check-in: b8c7af5b user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Cover simple case of /json/user/save to create a new user. Consider covering various other ways that endpoint can be used, as well as CLI vs GET and POST. Current case is CLI based. This case completes coverage of the basic features provided by all documented JSON endpoints. (check-in: 1571e4c2 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Add support for POST in JSON over HTTP. Test /json/cap with various ways of delivering an authToken to cover the rest of the Authentication category basic functionality. NOTE that supplying the authToken in the POSTed JSON request envelope does not appear to work. Passing it in a cookie or in a GET parameter does work as expected. (check-in: 479aadb1 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added test case for /json/diff/UUID_V1/UUID_V2. Note that this case passes and clearly does diff the versions in the expected order. (check-in: f28e7713 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Add test case for issue with a read-only fossil repository causing confusing results for the JSON API over HTTP. (check-in: dc042c6a user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Add cookie support to fossil_http_json, as well as extra args passed through to fossil_maybe_answer so -expectError can be used. Tweak some comments. Note doc revision eliminating /json/timeline/ci, which clears a previous knownBug. Cache a usable login cookie for both anonymous and user U1 for later use. (check-in: a9edb60a user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Included the answer text supplied to a fossil command when provided to fossil_maybe_answer in a call to protOut. This makes debugging tests using fossil http and a GET or POST to /json easier. (check-in: f3401430 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added more coverage of /json, leaving /json/login, /json/diff, and /json/user/save uncovered, and finding surprises with /json/wiki/diff, /json/timeline/ci, and /json/tag/cancel. All implemented coverage is of the best documented and easiest tested paths through each feature. Tests for edge cases and failure paths are not yet in place, nor are complete tests for full expected values in most cases. (check-in: c2c49b35 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added /json/whoami from CLI, changed /json/cap to only care that it worked from CLI since capabilities are sort of meaningless in CLI mode. Added checks for caps provided to each logged in user by /json/login from its own results. Starting on /json/branch/list. All tests pass except known bugs and TODOs. (check-in: bab84bd7 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Also test /json/wiki/preview, /json/g, /json/rebuild, /json/resultCodes, /json/anonymousPassword, /json/login for both anonymous and a normal user. Note that test for /json/cap is a work in progress since the CLI ingores any auth tokens and always acts with all caps. (check-in: 9b8b0518 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Refactoring in the json tests. Add coverage of /json/wiki. Note discrepency between documentation and execution of /json/wiki/diff. (check-in: cb611ffc user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Merge the new knownBug constraint support from trunk. (check-in: 2ada5ec7 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Marked invocations of fossil that are expected to return a non-zero status with the -expectError flag in the amend, clean, and merge5 test files. This makes tester.tcl -quiet be truely quiet for those files when all tests are passing. Deliberately did not mark the invocation in merge6.test which foreshadows the failure of the merge_multi-4 test, as it is not clear to me whether the bug is in the test case or in fossil. (check-in: 62f59956 user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Revise test result summary to include 'ignored' results from tests marked with 'knownBug'. (check-in: f77fbed8 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Merged from trunk to pick up test case edits made there, along with recent cosmetic fixes. (check-in: 4e0e141e user: rberteig tags: rberteig-json-test)
Added copyright and license comment blocks to two existing test case files that were missing them, with years based on looking for when the tests were first added to the repository. (check-in: 08a35878 user: rberteig tags: trunk)
Update copyright date to this year since the JSON tests are new this year. Fix indentation of Tcl to match established convention. Add test of JSON API version to reflect earliest I expect to pass these tests. Document block of Version and HAI, and add version for consistency. (check-in: c4f8d88f user: Ross tags: rberteig-json-test)
Minor spacing fix. (check-in: 2ff6ceb9 user: mistachkin tags: rberteig-json-test)
Place a cornerstone for scaffolding of the test cases for the fossil json command and related REST API. This begins with an extension to fossil_maybe_answer in tester.tcl that adds a -expectError option to flag invocations of fossil that are expected to exit with error status and not log it when -quiet is in effect. The new file json.test has the first few test cases for fossil json, all of which are currently passing. (check-in: 95080f47 user: Ross tags: rberteig-json-test)
Create new branch named "rberteig-json-test" (check-in: 50891558 user: Ross tags: rberteig-json-test)
fixed condition which caused the "Yearly total" row to not be rendered on the oldest year in the bymonth report in some cases. (check-in: ec3dd27f user: stephan tags: trunk)