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200 check-ins occurring around ea5afad31f478396.

Fix a use-after-free when printing the "home directory must be writable" error message. ... (check-in: aad4b789 user: drh tags: trunk)
/chat: removed some debug output. Reformulated part of the previous checkin to only re-grab input focus if the input field is not document.activeElement. ... (check-in: 85a99733 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: 1) force the cursor on the input element to always be 'text' (I-beam), even when it doesn't have focus (browser inconsistency) and 2) when the chat window regains visibility after having lost it, give focus to the input element to try to work around a problem where Pale Moon is giving focus to one of the pseudo-buttons. Change (2) comes with a couple of minor but annoying quirks and might have to be undone, but it's worth a try. ... (check-in: 50339579 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fixed a copy/paste error in www/ per an anonymous forum post. ... (check-in: 3f736de9 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
/chat another CSS-side contenteditable portability workaround to keep Firefox from losing newlines on pasted-in text. ... (check-in: c7fa9f15 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat default message font is now inherited from the skin instead of defaulting to monospace, per /chat discussion. ... (check-in: 3cd13cb6 user: stephan tags: trunk)
New version of the built-in SQLite that incorporates all the latest static-analyzer warning fixes. ... (check-in: c90dce4e user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge the latest diff context loading fix. ... (check-in: 4b1cf8d8 user: florian tags: trunk)
Another fix for the JS to dynamically load extra diff context: when coalescing multiple pending Up/Down events into a single Fill Gap event, make sure the event queue isn't truncated too eagerly. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 36ba7ec9 user: florian tags: diff-js-fixes)
Merge in trunk for test server deployment. ... (check-in: 664b04b2 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
/chat: a potential fix to stop *some* builds of Firefox from pasting formatted content into the edit field. (Some builds, same version, do not do so.) ... (check-in: 498bc071 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix the error display rendering for Pikchr diagrams. Forum post d5897397f5. ... (check-in: 3fa1f242 user: drh tags: trunk)
Merged in trunk for latest /chat features. ... (check-in: 49689e1c user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
/chat: re-added accidentally-disabled animation. Added a button to locally delete all messages prior to the current one in the per-message controls. The intent is to stop unbounded growth (and potential lag) in long-running chats and give the user to way to flag "have read up until this point". ... (check-in: fe0bcfaa user: stephan tags: trunk)
Any non-ASCII characters are now considered valid for use in hashtags. ... (check-in: 4f68a130 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
/chat: reuse the window-resize listener to cap the max-size of the input field to approx. half the height of the screen, per user feedback. ... (check-in: 84d4a0e8 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merged in trunk for latest (and conflicting) /chat changes. ... (check-in: 7cae4c09 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
/chat: reduced the size of the non-compact-mode buttons a bit, based on user feedback. We'll call this solved for now. ... (check-in: 1fc2a265 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat narrowed the compact-mode buttons - they were too wide for an iPhone screen. Should fit fine on screens as narrow as 340 pixels now. ... (check-in: f4d2eca0 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: shrunk compact mode toolbar just a tick. Replaced non-portable on-hover button effect with something portable. ... (check-in: 7755c648 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: replaced input-related buttons with span elements in an attempt to get more consistent cross-browser results. Renamed some internal element IDs for naming consistency's sake. ... (check-in: 98b2cbe6 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite sources to the latest 3.37.0 alpha, for testing. ... (check-in: ae433763 user: drh tags: trunk)
Refactor and improve the input logic for /chat. ... (check-in: 469f1b0d user: drh tags: trunk)
Improved the attachment button's visibility in dark-mode skins. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 1390dd98 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Resized the attachment SVG to an integer number of pixels to avoid a tiny rounding error in some browsers which would truncate a pixel of the right edge. ... (check-in: 083927f5 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Rotated the paperclip 45 degrees (it's now horizontal) and restored the behavior that ctrl-enter will send a message if there is only an attachment with no text. ... (check-in: b8a20e20 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Resized the attachment SVG - its bounding box was far, far wider than the glyph. ... (check-in: c6cc5557 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Experimentally replace paperclip Unicode glyph with an embedded SVG, as the glyph looks greyed out/inactive in some environments. ... (check-in: cc709782 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Swapped the order of the diff context load buttons to improve usability slightly, per forum feedback. ... (check-in: 4e45fcc9 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix minor documentation typo. ... (check-in: 8d88f088 user: drh tags: trunk)
Cherrypicked [658db85ce2], which was intended for trunk. ... (check-in: 9dd8d5ef user: stephan tags: trunk)
Removed now-invalid doc snippet, per forum post f6a4695090. ... (check-in: 658db85c user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Added a toggle to play the audio alert (or not) for one's own messages (default=off) and added docs describing each configurable setting. ... (check-in: 8534eb75 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Do not play notification sound for the sender's own messages. This change was made and reverted before so may be subject to further debate. ... (check-in: 87c29eee user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Reordered two config menu entries. Removed the enter/ctrl-enter toggle toast because that info is now in the edit widget's placeholder text and the toast can block access to config view entries for a few seconds. ... (check-in: b2d55ec9 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Eliminated extraneous gap at the bottom of the page caused by the empty file attachment preview element. Tweaked that element's layout a bit when it is visible. ... (check-in: bca3d7f4 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Worked around a button glyph misalignment on some older FF versions. ... (check-in: 042fe877 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Added the chat input area resize option to compact mode so there is a recovery strategy if someone manages to paste a whole book into that field. ... (check-in: 797e33ba user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Removed the cumbersome and platform-dependent file selection widget from view and now proxy its activation via a new toolbar button. Saves space and looks nicer. ... (check-in: 2b07b66d user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
In compact mode, move the buttons below the input field in order to stop truncation and button layout shifting as the input field automatically resizes during editing. Takes up more a bit more space but provides better UX. ... (check-in: fe0760c9 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Button size tweaks for compact mode, to make them slightly more accessible on mobile devices. ... (check-in: 858e8153 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Added file attachment widget toggle (on by default) and reversed order of config options (top-down instead of bottom-up) because that simply seems more intuitive. ... (check-in: 40cdaeec user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Fixed chat-view scrolling, which was broken by a flexbox settings change in [71fbd1b01ba42ee6]. ... (check-in: e7e2e5e3 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Chat button truncation fix on narrow windows. Updated change log for new chat features. ... (check-in: d92a8f07 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Shrank the chat buttons in compact mode because (spoiler alert) Safari. ... (check-in: c08a707a user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Minor layout improvement in compact mode: input field now really looks like it's one line high instead of 1.x. ... (check-in: 40119a06 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Improved the flow of the chat input buttons so that they don't move around as the input area grows and shrinks. Removed max-height from compact-mode input. This makes compact mode behave more like what was requested in /chat, so that it grows organically as the user types. ... (check-in: 91918232 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Made monospace the default because that setting now also applies to the input area and this chat is often used for conveying code. Accounted for a couple bits of skin-specific weirdness. ... (check-in: f9e2851a user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Reimplemented [607b11ddc6] to use a proper feature check approach rather than user agent string check. ... (check-in: d96f6f19 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Found a Chrome-only workaround to tell Chrome not to paste formatting into the chat editor field. ... (check-in: 607b11dd user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Documented the source of the extraneous end-of-line spaces when pasting from a console. Changed the markdown backslash-space-space workaround to backslash-n-spaces. ... (check-in: 87b0b12d user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Documented the reason for not setting a max-height on the new editor widget, and the side effects of that decision. ... (check-in: 71fbd1b0 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Figured out how to make the new input area resizable via CSS. ... (check-in: 91b653e8 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Re-enabled ctrl-enter-sends when enter-sends mode is active (was disabled during testing). Update the tooltip on the send button to reflect the current send mode. ... (check-in: 7d6c0749 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Forcibly disable drop support in the new editor widget, as the browser will otherwise allow the user to drop images to it, which is confusing and does not work with our ability to upload images. Found a way to implement placeholder text in the contenteditable field. ... (check-in: 86d6be3f user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Minor restructuring and docs in the enter/ctrl-enter handling. Trying to get ctrl-enter to add newlines when in enter-sends mode, but it's not working for reasons beyond my ken. ... (check-in: ab9fef75 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
When stripping trailing spaces from lines to avoid the "console paste problem", leave markdown paragraph continuation markers intact. Robustified the config view layout in a trial-and-error attempt to defend against Safari-on-iPhone layout bugs. ... (check-in: cbc7f117 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Provide a toast notification when ctrl-enter mode is toggled via keypress. ... (check-in: c4484625 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Split ctrl-enter/enter input modes and compact/spacious layout into two independent settings. ... (check-in: a83defad user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Eliminated some of the new layout quirks caused by the change in /chat input field type. ... (check-in: bcfb758d user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
/chat button size refinement. ... (check-in: c24d2bb6 user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Added mini-help hint text to /chat config view entries. ... (check-in: 3259251a user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Significant reworking of chat input mode to use a single contenteditable element instead of two text input elements. This required considerable collateral cleanup in how the various settings are handled and communicated within the app. ... (check-in: b9c5792e user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
/chat: shift-enter when in preview mode now switches back to message list mode if the input field is empty. It was previously only possible to switch back via button or sending a message. ... (check-in: 79995e13 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merged in trunk for latest changes. ... (check-in: 09f86815 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Consolidated /wikiedit, /pikchrshow, /fileedit, and /chat to use shift-enter to run preview mode. The former 3 previously used ctrl-enter but it was poorly documented and probably not widely used like ctrl-enter is in chat (to send a message). ... (check-in: 13fabf3f user: stephan tags: trunk)
When generating a repository name from the URL, include parsing of port to avoid undesirable behavior discovered in 4409f66dae988dc5 in which the parser doesn't handle single-label host names which include a port (with or without a final slash). ... (check-in: 000f8021 user: andybradford tags: trunk)
Merged in diff context loading fixes from Florian: off-by-one error for the single-line context case and a race condition for the click-queue. ... (check-in: 36bec9ad user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix an off-by-one error that prevents loading single-line diff context chunks at the top of the file(s). See Forum Post 5f407f5f1f for a test case. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 72f34938 user: florian tags: diff-js-fixes)
Fix a race window bug with click-ahead bookkeeping: if loading of diff context chunks is super-fast (localhost and/or cached), but insertion into the document is significantly slowed (e.g. after ~100*15 diff context lines already added to the same block), clicks during document manipulation have a chance to be queued (good) and handled immediately (not necessarily bad) as soon as setTimeout() yields the UI thread, and then another chance to be doubly handled (definitely bad) by the scheduled queue processing. ... (check-in: 6a371417 user: florian tags: diff-js-fixes)
Fix bug mentioned in a4c682e21ce329fe to make URL parser require properly formed URL containing a slash following the port. ... (check-in: fb752a04 user: andybradford tags: trunk)
Query column miscount fix for (wiki list -t) as reported in 5e6c3e3b78112df3. ... (check-in: 3a2b13b8 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Another line-height tweak for the diff view to keep underscores from being truncated in Chromium. ... (check-in: ebf69b49 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: experimental HTML5 history support for using the back button to return to a message from which a #nnn message ID was clicked. ... (check-in: 9df3fc6b user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Merged in trunk. /chat changed jump-to-message animation to fade out/in, per requests. Added HTML5 history to /chat clicks on #NNN message references but it's disabled because it's behaving unexpectedly. ... (check-in: 99b23d0f user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Moved chat.js to, for consistency with the other single-page apps and to emphasize that it is not to be loaded on arbitrary pages. Changed chat's startup to wait until the page on-load event to avoid a related timing issue. ... (check-in: 3ec8c6c0 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Hyperlink fix in (40ec3ab414) and missing properties added to tester.tcl (9ca8f55c4c). ... (check-in: 7ad4e1ad user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merged in diff context multi-click load queue on behalf of Florian B., as discussed in/around forum post c8919e12dd76bf23. ... (check-in: a49393a9 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added #NNN and #NNN.NNN references as a special case of hashtag, noting that it will currently match a prefix of #NNN.NNN.NNN. Taught /chat that clicking on such a reference should jump to the referenced message or toast the user that the message is not in the current history. ... (check-in: 4539bf87 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
/chat: when applying a filter, automatically switch to the messages view. Apply hashtag processing to the preview view. ... (check-in: b59a761b user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Improved the behavior in the face of multiple filters, applying only the most recent one. Added a button to clear filters which appears along the bottom of the message area if any filter is active. ... (check-in: 93bf2505 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Possible solution to the problem of buttons randomly jumping away from under the mouse cursor. ... (Leaf check-in: b4dbdec8 user: florian tags: diff-js-fetchqueue)
More progress on the markdown #hashtag parsing. ... (check-in: ac5b66bb user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Merged in latest trunk. test-markdown-render now accepts files and string literals. ... (check-in: 5618cceb user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Added missing new mkd_renderer entry in markdown_extract_links() to skip over @/#tags. ... (check-in: 2e646428 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Added an optional widget to /chat which gives an overview of who is actively posting and enables filtering messages by users. ... (check-in: ce0d61bb user: stephan tags: trunk)
Removed an accidental extraneous animation on every chat message sent. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 0fe5b6cb user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
One "last" style tweak, then i'm done. ... (check-in: 9e5acae7 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Several minor cleanups, fixes, and presentation tweaks. ... (check-in: 10107e4f user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Minor doc corrections and cleanups. ... (check-in: a2588c57 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Disable chat animations during the bootstrapping process. Increated timestamp size a tick. Xekri CSS tweak to eliminate body-level scrollbars in chat-only mode. ... (check-in: 4ff16c05 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Experiment to implement a click-queue for the buttons dynamically loading diff context. See Forum Post c8919e12dd for comments and potential TODOs. ... (check-in: c714f251 user: florian tags: diff-js-fetchqueue)
Animation tweaks and more predictable scrolling when the user filter is cleared (always scroll to the button). ... (check-in: 3d4101d3 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Doc typos and sped up the message-in-context animation a tick. ... (check-in: 2b3a6ed8 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Changed the "message in context" animation to something more eye-catching and less stuttery. ... (check-in: fc27d6a3 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
When chat view is filtered on a single user, the per-message popup now offers the option to jump to that message in the larger unfiltered context. When toggling the active user timestamps on, also toggle the active user setting on if it's not already on. ... (check-in: 5aac6ae0 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Added a description of the user activity list to www/ ... (check-in: d046ab68 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Insignificant typos. ... (check-in: a4b9af1b user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Earlier detection of unresolved deltas due to an incomplete clone. ... (check-in: 55a5b701 user: drh tags: trunk)
Improve the decision about when to stop doing HTTP round-trips while doing a clone so that the clone will continue as long as new content is being received and we have not yet seen the "clone_seqno 0" card. Proposed fix for the issue discussed in forum thread 60d48c2896. ... (check-in: ea5afad3 user: drh tags: trunk)
Only update the recent activity view when it's active or activated, not when it's hidden/inactive. ... (check-in: 06196b19 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Micro-tweaking of CSS to account for the fieldset substitution. ... (check-in: c0000265 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Replaced recent activity list fieldset element with a fieldset-like element because of Safari fieldset layout/sizing bugs. ... (check-in: dc3f0282 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
CSS to attempt to work around Safari mobile shrinking the recent activity fieldset to smaller than its content. ... (check-in: fced72da user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Minor style tweaks to account for quirks of specific skins. ... (check-in: 097733c0 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
xekri skin: remove the outlandish saturation on chat message tabs and make user name color more legible in the recent activity list. ... (check-in: 33684346 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Added a help buttonlet to the user activity list. ... (check-in: f39c8326 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Redistributed a tiny bit of spacing - looks less cramped this way. ... (check-in: 754f7a42 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
When batch loading chat messages, delay update of recent activity list until after the batch is done. Squeezed about 0.5em more space out of the screen. ... (check-in: 7c2f3eb3 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Corrected persistence of the timestamps toggle. Removed about 40 lines of dead CSS. ... (check-in: dddd42ba user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Was supposed to be part of the previous commit :/. ... (check-in: a3ea9420 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Added toggle for the recent activity timestamps. ... (check-in: 9938acb0 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
UI refinement of the chat user activity list. ... (check-in: 7aea432a user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Proof of concept /chat "active user list" which keeps track only of users who have posted messages in the client's current list and allows filtering on those messages by tapping a user. Widget is hidden by default and can be toggled in the config area. There are still cases to figure out (e.g. new messages do not apply the current filter). ... (check-in: dafd5497 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
In /ci_edit, add a footnote recommending against setting fixed color values. That feature predates skins by years and does not play well with arbitrary skins. ... (check-in: 9956fa6d user: stephan tags: trunk)
Minor restructuring of the /file line number DOM elements to address text-mode browsers. Forum post c8fd094267a0f0d9. ... (check-in: 53ff9d0d user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: give the input field focus when chat starts up. ... (check-in: c3362100 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Possibly fixed a case where /chat's preview button will get stuck in a disabled state, but it's intermittent and difficult to trigger so am not 100% sure. ... (check-in: 2d385d94 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Another SQLite update to fix the build on older machines that lack CHAR_BITS as well as to fix a few harmless compiler warnings. ... (check-in: 457a73e6 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite to the latest 3.37.0 alpha. ... (check-in: 606dcf08 user: drh tags: trunk)
Micro-adjustments to /chat CSS to squeeze a tiny bit more space from the bottom of the screen. ... (check-in: 62deb8f7 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Simplified and consolidated how /chat internally manages its 3 separate main views, with an eye towards making it easy to add additional views. No user-visible changes. ... (check-in: 593d3a3a user: stephan tags: trunk)
Revert part of the previous commit so that only buttons, not textareas an input fields, are affected. ... (check-in: 15d58775 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Darkmode skin tweak so that certain form elements, e.g. buttons, don't have _entirely_ invisible backgrounds. ... (check-in: 65233c9f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Diff context loading: replaced string.replaceAll() with a more portable construct, as reported in forum post c1f198f6993cd603. ... (check-in: 48887195 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Internal cleanups of how /chat config area is built up. No significant visible changes. ... (check-in: 60206ef5 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Tweaked the /chat config options layout so that the entries start at the bottom of the view to put them in easier reach on tall screens, and moved the presumably most common options to the bottom so that they start out scrolled into view on smaller screens. ... (check-in: 3524f72e user: stephan tags: trunk)
Diff context chunk loader UI controls now show a load-pending message and any error messages directly next to the controls, rather than via toasts, per forum feedback. ... (check-in: ba400826 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Removed a bogus unreached return statement. ... (check-in: 4b98f9e7 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
More refinement of the token selection for #hashtag and @name references. ... (check-in: 3363ab42 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Fixed a paren nesting bug that prevented multi-character hashtags from being processed. It would stop at the second character. ... (check-in: e211f1ab user: wyoung tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Added '@' and '#' prefixes in spans. Initial commit ate them. ... (check-in: 398cfa0b user: wyoung tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Merged in parallel trunk changes. ... (check-in: 9b07f400 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Removed some extraneous console debug output. ... (check-in: 8663dde1 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Initial implementation of "span data-foo" wrappers around @name and #tag references. Seems functional on a test-markdown-render basis, but the definitions of what counts as a reference and what to do with them still remains to be handled. ... (check-in: 31a607d3 user: wyoung tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Reimplemented chat message operations popup as an inlined DOM element to enable a confirmation option on the global delete button, per request from drh (and it's also more platform-portable). ... (check-in: fb9026e2 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Updated changelog for chat preview. Hyperlinks in preview mode now have target=_blank. Removed extraneous FORM element around chat input area, as it caused only grief with regards to Enter key handling (always activating the first button in the list, which is now the preview button). ... (check-in: 60ed1ff9 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat restored accidentally-removed configurable notification sounds. More layout tweaks on chat buttons. ... (check-in: cf81ddf9 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: close config/preview area if user sends a message, to help avoid confusion and a corner-case layout bug. Minor layout tweaking of the single-line edit mode via collaborative /chat effort. ... (check-in: 03f33cd3 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat links now open in a new tab by default. Reduced min-width of input field to help out FF on Android. ... (check-in: cea66528 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat now uses full-fledged markdown instead of its former special-case markup. Added a message preview option to support that. ... (check-in: 6c1ac839 user: stephan tags: trunk)
In single-line edit mode, wrap the chat buttons if the screen is not "wide enough." Give the edit field a min-width of (experimentally) 24em. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 3ca1ec52 user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Reduced side margin/padding on text input field to improve phone usability. ... (check-in: ac6e7ae9 user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Prettified chat buttons via collaborative chat session dogfooding. ... (check-in: 607854c9 user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
/chat: tell the file selection widget not to wrap, so that the help button stays on the same line (reported from Martin G's phone). ... (check-in: 4fc065ba user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Moved the 350-ish lines/9k of chat-specific CSS into ... (check-in: bd4dd243 user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Initial go at a preview mode for /chat. Still some UI/UX decisions to be made. ... (check-in: f33eefe2 user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Merge fixes from trunk ... (check-in: 3f2365fe user: drh tags: chat-markdown)
Fixed a comment to match the code, as reported on the forum. ... (check-in: 898b8f20 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Corrected th1 lappend to persist its result, as reported in forum post 97f8815dd3ddd7df. ... (check-in: cb531a54 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Assorted small improvements to the gitusers doc ... (check-in: 7cd51fa3 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
/chat: add a button to the user/timestamp popup to toggle between parsed and plain-text rendering for that message, per /chat request. ... (check-in: 9a17e76e user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Merge trunk changes into the chat-markdown branch. ... (check-in: 807b8d9b user: drh tags: chat-markdown)
Fix hyperlinks to the Fossil Book to use the newer URL. ... (check-in: e014f308 user: drh tags: trunk)
/chat: add pikchr click handlers to incoming messages. ... (check-in: 326eccf2 user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Removed about a hundred lines of dead code from the diff context loading bits. Reported by Florian B. in the forum. ... (check-in: 47438b71 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Restored "diff --command CMD" flag that got lost in the latest diff refactorings. (One-off method for supplying the diff-command setting.) ... (check-in: cae7036b user: wyoung tags: trunk)
/wikiedit, /fileedit, and /pikchrshow: tweak ctrl-enter preview toggle event handling to avoid spurious addition of CRNL to text area (patch from Warren in /chat). ... (check-in: d6e7917a user: stephan tags: trunk)
Applied patch from Warren at 26371e6b32cb4ebc to resolve the new behavior of markdown catching message prefixes of #NNN as a header. ... (check-in: 408d584e user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Updated change log and for the /chat switch to markdown. ... (check-in: 32bd273e user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
/chat now uses markdown, instead of its minimal custom markup. Chat messages are rendered at send-time, not save-time, so this retroactively affects all messages. ... (check-in: 52d40548 user: stephan tags: chat-markdown)
Fixed a few minor errors in the new doc and added a memorial to a fallen hero. ... (check-in: 9d4a1327 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Put a space after all "###" used as inline headers in www/ to make them behave the same if we follow the CommonMark spec and require at least one space or tab after the last #. All other www/*.md files already do this. ... (check-in: bc08b097 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Corrected display of 'hooks' setting in /setup_settings, per forum post d1ac688c1b. ... (check-in: 5d9a7442 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix the "fossil commit" command so that it does not get confused by files added by merge and then edited but keeping the same file size. See forum thread 03f6b307f89c990b for discussion and a more detailed description of the problem. ... (check-in: ed5843cf user: drh tags: trunk)
Reimplemented /chat settings selection to be more usable, device-portable, and extensible. Re-enabled client-side selection of repo-specific chat nofication sounds. ... (check-in: 9c777150 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/chat: Corrected storage of selected audio URI to account for multiple sounds. Updated change log and ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: c23aa774 user: stephan tags: chat-config-options)
/chat: re-enable inclusion of unversioned sound files (mp3, wav, ogg) in the list of chat notification sounds. ... (check-in: 2a59a9a1 user: stephan tags: chat-config-options)
Assorted small improvements to the new doc. ... (check-in: d8f47075 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Added the www/server/any/ doc, an elaboration of Andy Bradford's OpenSSH ForceCommand based solution for forcing access via ssh:// URLs to go through a wrapper script that rewrites the command, exchanging "test-http" for "http", causing the Fossil RBAC system to come into play in a secure fashion. Linking to it from the top-level "server/" index and from the #webonly section of the caps/ index where it cites this limitation. Reworked the latter section now that we have a documented alternative. ... (check-in: be8ed971 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Removed dev-mode-only automatic toggle of config area. ... (check-in: 563ce12a user: stephan tags: chat-config-options)
Replace /chat config popup with a friendlier and more flexible widget. Reintroduces ability to select from multiple alerts. Seems to work but needs more testing. Forum post d97c869900. ... (check-in: 6f5e04b3 user: stephan tags: chat-config-options)
Clarified the read/write access issue in the #webonly section of the main user capabilities doc. ... (check-in: 391bc369 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Formatting improvements on the change log. Improvements to the help text for the "fossil ui" command. ... (check-in: 76f65b43 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the changes log. Fix a minor typo in the help text for "diff". ... (check-in: 5839abae user: drh tags: trunk)
Bring the help text for the "fossil all git" command into alignment with the implementation after changes on 2021-08-14. ... (check-in: 1033e0ff user: drh tags: trunk)
Tolerate one or two punctuation characters at the end of a symbolic name, if the name does not otherwise match, to accomodate names taken from the ends of URLs where some extra punctuation from the following text was included with the URL. ... (check-in: d81190bd user: drh tags: trunk)
Updated the JS doc's section about the hamburger menu to reflect the recent addition of this menu to other stock skins. ... (check-in: 36d84427 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Converted all uses of the obsolete named anchor feature from HTML before 4.0 to use fragment identifiers instead. (www/* subtree only.)

Where possible, changed constructs like

<a name="foo"></a><h3>
<h3 id="foo">

Also fixed a few cases where the link target came after a header so the browser would scroll the header off the screen when visiting the targeted section.

Added a 50em pad at the bottom of one such edited doc to allow the intra-doc link targets to be useful since it's a short enough doc that on sufficiently tall browser windows, scrolling isn't possible, so using those anchors has no visible effect. ... (check-in: 93cee1f5 user: wyoung tags: trunk)

Remove obsolete diagram source files that have now been replaced by Pikchr. The files are still accessible in older versions, of course, and can be easily resurrected if needed. But there is no reason to include them in modern source tarballs. ... (check-in: dbf94ab5 user: drh tags: trunk)
xekri skin: make /chat names and timestamps slightly more legible. ... (check-in: 919468b3 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Moved the [2d8a9046a1] CSS change into (table.diff pre), as the previous placement reportedly makes no difference. ... (check-in: bb2e6c61 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Xekri skin: added same logo toggle as in [c4c64257cf], improved page layout in chat mode, and slightly modernized the header layout. Gave chat message area in all skins a very slight side padding. ... (check-in: 714ff824 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added diff context loading to the list of places we use JS in ... (check-in: 30a2b87c user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added text-size-adjust:none CSS to table.diff in an attempt to keep iPhones from scaling the code text size up, bringing it out of alignment with the line numbers. Whether this works remains to be seen. ... (check-in: 2d8a9046 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Eagle skin: added a toggle in the header to switch the logo link between the historical behavior (link to top of the current domain) and new (link to top of current repo), defaulting to the original behavior. Forum post f7a84dc19d51efa8. ... (check-in: c4c64257 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Prevent an extra leading slash from the post-login redirector. Also, on the 'register' page, include the email notifications input element if the 'selfreg-verify' setting is enabled, even when the 'default-perms' setting does not include the 'Email Alerts' ('7') permission. ... (check-in: 129ea224 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Fix harmless compiler warning on Win32. ... (check-in: e1996e25 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Update the custom MinGW makefile. ... (check-in: 47bda841 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
wiki list CLI command no longer lists deleted pages by default: use --all to include those (same parameter name as /wcontent uses for that purpose). Forum post cf4195f8bf6824fa. ... (check-in: 88e53360 user: stephan tags: trunk)
eagle skin: cleaned up the clock-update JS function and modernized the logo appearance a bit. /fileedit: fixed a help test typo. ... (check-in: 7912deb5 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/wikiedit and /fileedit can now dynamically load more diff context. Discovered that the unified diff scrolling under the new diff model is not quite right and the magical CSS invocations to solve it properly elude me: for now they're scrolling (if needed) from a higher parent container level of the DOM than they should be, so the line numbers scroll along with the code. ... (check-in: ef69044c user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix typo. ... (check-in: 1e5dc324 user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
diff CSS: more fine-tuning of line-height and INS/DEL padding to account for another browser and fill in the gaps of color caused by the inflated line-height. Work around a "slight wiggle" problem on some FF versions. Minor simplification of some nearby CSS. ... (check-in: 1e28e747 user: stephan tags: trunk)
skins: replaced CSS attributes prefixed with old/obsolete/non-standard -moz/-ms/-mx/-webkit with their standard counterparts. ... (check-in: 9386c4c0 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Proactive fix for diff context loading init which would have been a bug once wikiedit and fileedit get connected to it. ... (check-in: 63eb9d3b user: stephan tags: trunk)
Diff-related style tweaks to Ardoise skin, per /chat discussion. ... (check-in: efebb417 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Exposed the JS code which initializes diff context loading, for eventual use in /wikiedit and /fileedit (currently missing required metadata in the diff for those apps). Removed a now-extraneous PRE.udiff wrapper element in ajax response diffs. ... (check-in: 0cbfc02b user: stephan tags: trunk)
Removed a reference to a newly-removed builtin file. This resolves fatally breaking sites which use the jsmode bundled option. ... (check-in: 3d69a8a4 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Soften the box around diffs with a 5px corner radius. ... (check-in: bce96624 user: drh tags: trunk)